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The Simple Delights Of A UK Holiday

The Simple Delights Of A UK Holiday

A holiday in the UK might sound like it’s a contradiction. We’re so used to the idea of a holiday being something that involves a beach, iced cocktails, and of course a long flight. If you stay in the UK, does that even count?

Of course you know it does, but it can take a little bit of persuading to get you to a point where you accept it. In the name of that persuasion, let’s investigate all the reasons why these shores are all you need when it comes to the perfect summer holiday…

1) No Flying

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Maybe you don’t mind flying on an aircraft in and of itself, but everything that surrounds flying? Well that’s a lot less exciting. That’s standing in a queue for hours on end, having to deal with delays and other passengers. That’s not fun.

So skip it. Most places in the UK can be reached within a couple of days’ drive, especially if you split the trip with a midway point of interest. No flights, no tickets, no passports, no luggage restrictions – it’s a walk in the park compared to heading off abroad.

2) The UK Is Beautiful

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It feels almost boastful to say this, but it’s true: the UK is absolutely beautiful. It might not have the sun-kissed white beaches of the Caribbean or the glorious savannah of Africa, but it does have its own unique charm. From the kitschy fun of Blackpool to the stunning mountains of Wales, you don’t need to miss out on gorgeous locations just because you’re on the British Isles.

3) It’s Easier To Travel As A Group

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Trying to plan a holiday abroad with a large group of friends or family is like trying to herd cats; it’s a nightmare. With a UK holiday however, it’s far simpler. Each person can make their own way to your destination and will have their own transport, so you can do different day trips depending on interests rather than feeling you have to stick together.

There’s so many options for accommodation that can handle large groups, too. Look for hotels in popular tourist spots and reserve a number of rooms on the same floor; or if you prefer a cottage experience, then there’s plenty of options for group accommodation in that category too. The latter is a particularly good idea if you want to be together, family-style, rather than spread into disparate rooms.

4) The Weather: Better The Devil You Know

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If you mention holidaying in the UK to anyone, pretty much the first thing they will raise is the idea of the weather. “Don’t you want sun?” they will ask, aghast at the mere idea of someone not wanting to roast themselves. “How could you stay here when you know it’s just going to rain relentlessly?”

Of course, it rains all over the world! Going abroad doesn’t guarantee you good weather; though admittedly it might be a touch more likely. At least with the UK, you won’t have to worry about what clothes to pack or what to expect from one day to the next – you’ve lived with this weather your entire life, so you know how to roll with the punches.

5) No Extra Expenses

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We touched on a couple of these earlier, with the mention of extra baggage charges for aircraft. No such problem in the UK; if you can carry and transport it, the weight doesn’t matter at all.

There’s also the fact you won’t be charged money for a variety of holiday-related activities, such as changing money into another currency or having to pay a premium for your travel insurance. You don’t have to worry about health care while you’re away or live in fear of roaming charges. Not only is the cost of the holiday as a whole likely to be more affordable, but it will also cost you less with the little things we have a tendency to forget about.

6) Something For Everyone

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Finally, the UK is a country with a rich and diverse tapestry offering anything that you could possibly want from your holiday.

If you like beaches, then Cornwall is the perfect choice for you. If you’d prefer rugged landscapes and gorgeous scenery, then Wales or the Peak District have more to offer than you ever could have dreamed of. Perhaps you’re interested in history? If so, head to London or Winchester for a truly unique insight into days gone by. If it’s the nightlife you’re after, then Edinburgh or Manchester will keep you up all night for all the right reasons.

So adding all of these points together, the only thing left to wonder is… why wouldn’t you want to holiday in the UK?


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  1. July 4, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    The Isle of Wight is one of the best places to visit if you’re planning a stay-cation. It’s absolutely picturesque and has so much to offer.

    My favourite holidays have been on the island!

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