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Polaroid Eyewear: The Benefits Of A Polarised Lense

Once you go Polaroid, you won’t go back!

Photo Credit: Katie Meehan

Since I learnt to drive 2 years ago, being short and behind the wheel means I really struggle with the light and glare in the sun. I was on the hunt for good sunglasses so bought a High End pair for over £100 and thought they were fab. That was until I was in Duty Free one day and tried on some Polaroid’s and my world changed!

No exaggeration! I wear my Polaroid’s every day, even in the winter as the sun can be even worse for me.

Just to avoid confusion I’m talking about the polarised lenses by the brand Polaroid. You can get other brands that also do polarised menses but I’m sticking with the experts and originals until I’m shown anything better.

You will know Polaroid for their massive brand name, not only eyewear but cameras and other technologies.

Polaroid have been designing eyewear for over 80 years now and have conquered the art of avoiding glare.

Since I have been wearing my glasses I feel less stress behind the eye and have had less headaches. It’s been life changing for me. Not only does the technology avoid glare it also provides a clearer contrast. Their glasses are designed to provide: 100% UV400 Protection, reduced eye fatigue and shock absorbing.

Photo Credit: Katie Meehan

Simply perfect for any occasion and available in modern and classic styles! visit their website here: polaroideyewear.com


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