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6 Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

6 Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

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When it comes to fashion, we all spend more on clothing than we care to admit, or care to realize for that matter. We don’t take the receipt or we buy everything on card or us internet shop instead of going to the mall because that makes it feel less like we’re spending money, as does contactless payments. Oh, there are so many things we do subconsciously that detract from the reality of our fashion spending. So, to put it to your in numerical terms, the average family in the US spent over £1200 on clothes last year.

If you have kids then, yeah, spending money is kind of unavoidable because they grow so unbelievably quickly. If you’re an adult, though, and you’ve endured all your growth spurts and you have come to accept that you’ll not be 5’11 or 6’3, then hanging onto your old clothes and making them last that much longer should be that much easier.

So, to help you with this and by ‘this’ we mean helping your clothes last longer and your money go further, we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that should start using. None of these are life-changing, they are just tweaks that could change your life:

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  1. Invest In Quality

Look, we’re not urging you to go and splash £500 bucks on a long sleeve t-shirt or anything because it has some designer’s name on the label. No way. We’re just saying it is worth spending that teeny-tiny bit more on better quality clothing. To get the most out of this tactic, buy staple wardrobe pieces that won’t go out of style and then add to them with cheaper items that align with fashions flavor of the week. You’ll look chic without losing sleep. The kind of well-made things we are talking about is gorgeous shoes, jeans that fit your shape like nothing else, a coat for all seasons and all trends and anything else that you consider to be a little bit of you.

  1. Look At The Label

You know that label that is tucked neatly away inside your clothes – at the back or down the seam – well that isn’t there for decorative reasons. It is there because the people who made this gorgeous piece know the best way to wash clothes and ensure they last longer which, you guessed it, saves you money. Some clothes have to be washed at lower temperatures, some need to be hand washed and some need to b dry-cleaned; so it is worth reading before doing. If you’re not a fan of the latter two options (and who is? Seriously?) then make sure you are buying sturdier items to avoid all the hassle. Not to mention the cost of getting to the dry cleaners and then paying for their service.

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  1. Lovely Laundry Tips

You may not have come to realize this yet, but washing clothes is an art form. There are so many techniques that you may not know about yet that could see your clothes last longer and stay in better condition too. For example, if you want your dark clothing to stay dark and not suffer from that washed out look, then we suggest you turn them inside out to help them hold their color. Another piece of advice is using a dryer, which is where clothes go to die. Instead, line-dry your clothes, whether it be on a washing line or a clothes horse. Also, mind your metal because things like zippers and buttons can do more damage than you may realize. They tend to get super hot and that can damage the more delicate items in your wash, which is why you should try and pop them in separately.

  1. Being Beautiful The Right Way

This is one of those things that has an incredible affect on our clothes, more than we tend to give credit for. Enjoying that daily shower, using a good deodorant and wearing the correct, well, undergarments all have a place in making our best clothes last longer. This is because sweat can cause stains, and it can also leave a smell that refuses to be washed out. That can render clothing more unwearable than anything else. You may be thinking you wash and wear deodorant religiously, but it could be that your kids don’t because they are smelly teenagers. So try changing their attitudes to save yourself some money. That isn’t all, though, because applying your makeup before you’ve got dressed is another way to limit the amount of stains your clothes are at risk of being hit by and ruined from.

  1. Rotate That Wardrobe

If you go into a supermarket then you will notice that they have a system of rotation. The new stuff goes to the back. Your fridge may have a similar system. It is just a way of using things at the right time to get the most out of them. Well, why are you reserving this system for food exclusively? Your wardrobe could really appreciate a similar system because, by rotating the clothes you wear, you are subjecting them to less wear and tear. The easiest way to adopt this kind of process is to incorporate it into your laundry days. When clothes come off the washing line, put them at the back of your closet and pull everything else forward. This will stop any confusion. You could even use little toggles or colored hangers to show exactly what was washed and when.

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  1. Master The Needle

One of the best ways to make clothes last longer is learning how to make basic repairs, either with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine. This could be the lifesaver you’ve been missing. Not only will you be able to replace lost buttons and sew up the seams, you will be able to put your skills to the test and bring old clothes back to life. Let’s say you have a bunch of old t-shirts that you never wear anymore. Well, why not go and buy a little bit of lace, or get those doilies your grandma gave you, and sew them onto the hemlines, the sleeves and even make a collar. Not only are you making your clothes last longer, you are finding a way to bring them back to life and that can really help your wallet out.


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  1. July 4, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    Basic repair skills are a must if you want to keep your best pieces in good shape. A little needle and thread has saved many of my dresses!

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