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Make Up Forever: New Debenhams branch @Intu Metrocentre

Make Up Forever: New Debenhams branch @Intu Metrocentre

Finally the North East is getting the make up brands we need into the area! For years we’ve been left behind and had to travel to Manchester or London (or online) to shop our favourite brands but now there on our doorstep!

I’m always reluctant to buy from a brand I’ve not tried before to when I saw that Make Up Forever had a new branch at Debenhams in the Metrocentre I was overjoyed!

I went in to have a sneek peek and got talking to the manager Emily Hardcastle, she’s a DARLING! we got talking make up and arranged a time to revisit to check out their bestsellers in more detail!

Her and her team were so adorable when I went back, they treat me to sweets and treats and had a great layout of all their bestsellers!

20170614 190112 1440x810 - Make Up Forever: New Debenhams branch @Intu Metrocentre

As a make up lover I was impressed to hear about the brand and its origins and particularly impressed with the artistry behind the brand! Make Up Forever was created by an artist who believed we should be able to paint our faces jus as we can a picture, but that our make up should look like our second skin! The first branch was opened in 1984 in France would you believe, but in the UK not until 2015! The creative director Dany Sandz wants the brand to be creative and for the products to have more than one use, no rules, more fun!

So, where do I start with products?? Well first off, the girls at this branch are amazing, so go along and chat make up with them to find what you love best!

20170614 190007 1440x810 - Make Up Forever: New Debenhams branch @Intu Metrocentre

Primer: I have a dry T-zone and have never found a primer that is not silicone base that doesn’t dry it out until now! Make Up Forever have 9 different primers to choose from, and the best thing is….they have them to buy at a half size! which means that if you want to multi-prime your face, you can! You dot have to buy two or more full size products…how amazing is that! For me the hydrating primer was amazing! it set the tone for the other products to sit beautifully and left my skin hydrated for hours!

20170614 191256 1440x810 - Make Up Forever: New Debenhams branch @Intu Metrocentre

HD Foundation: If you haven’t seen this foundation before WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? The HD foundation is one of the Best Seller and rightly so! I took a tester of this after it was applied and am so in Love! it really does live up to it’s expectations. Don’t be fooled by HD thinking its super heavy coverage because it’s not. it’s designed to make our skin look better but only by creating the best version of your own! Great for all skin types and comes in 40 SHADES!!!!! This foundation can be built up throughout the day to create and variation of looks so great value for ££££

Bronzer and Cream Blush: The Cream Blush was scary at first, but it applied like a dream! it’s hard to tell you over a blog post you’ll need to try it yourself, ask for a demo in store it’s amazing! What’s more super exciting is the WATERPROOF Bronzer, the shades are brilliant. It has a different texture than some other bronzers in that its very hard which put my off at first until it was applied! its gorgeous and does what it says on the tin!

20170614 190753 1440x810 - Make Up Forever: New Debenhams branch @Intu Metrocentre

Finally I need to tell you about my makeover! Follow these girls on Instagram, they have amazing pics of make overs but also their creativity is off the chart! I had the lovely Emmy take over and she just works her magic and we created this amazing colourful look with the Aqua XL Colour Paints! I think these are my favourite products!

I was so impressed by my visit and overwhelmed that nearly every product I saw and tried, I wanted! I LOVE the idea behind this brand and the creativity sets it apart from others! I’m excited for the future of the team and the store within the North East and excited for more products coming soon

Go follow them @Makeuptribemetrocentre on Instagram for inspiration!



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