Loca: A Taste of South America in Whitley Bay

Loca: A Taste of South America in Whitley Bay

For my first visit to Whitley Bay I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I was invited to the opening of Loca Restaurant and Bar on Whitley Bay’s South Parade, a street renown for its bank holiday bars back in the days. The street has been run down for a long time now and Loca is one of few to be bringing excitement back to the street and the surrounding area.

DSC 3292 1440x960 - Loca: A Taste of South America in Whitley Bay

Manager Steve Welsh knows the area well and has the place SPOT ON! He took on us a tour of the restaurant before answering our questions and asking our opinions on the menu ect. For me that is something that sets the place aside, having an approachable and honest manager.

His background is in hospitality and catering and you can see his experience through the décor, menu and throughout. His Caribbean roots have also been added nicely into the menu too!

Steve wanted to bring something new to the area for people to enjoy hence the South American Menu.

DSC 3304 1440x960 - Loca: A Taste of South America in Whitley Bay

Prior to the opening, the team were promoting and offering deals by leaving red chilli’s around for others which caused a frenzy on Social media. They promised to keep this going so look out for a bargain!

The bar is going to be offering promotions on cocktails and trust me they are amazing! they do twists on classic cocktails and the Pina Colada is to die for!

The menu offers a large Varity including vegan and a child’s menu. The menu is authentic offering a range of South American food. I wanted to try it all, there’s something for everyone including spicy and non spicy food.

We tried the savoury dough balls and sweet chilli dip and the cheese dip which were delicious. we also tried the tofu (not for me) and the Loca epenadas which were delicious! The food was lovely and I cant wait to go back again.

I’m so excited for this local venture to succeed and be one of many more on South Parade and Whitley Bay.



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