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3ina: Beauty Without Expression Is Boring

I had legitimately not heard 3ina at all until I visited a store in Covent Garden this year and saw the huge variety of products they have in store.

3ina (pronounced Mina) opens its doors to its first store in London In February 2017 however is available to buy online. The brand is designed to be creative and years of planning goes into each product before it is launched. this is why make up artists and addicts are loving this brand.

Due to their new revolutionary business plan they are able to do a quick turnaround this their products and keep on top of trends at all times!

“César Perez Luna, an authority in cosmetics previously working at Sephora and Douglas, César explains; “3INA is truly revolutionary. We have an ambitious business plan, bringing 3INA to a global audience faster than I have seen in my >20yr career in beauty.” Covent Garden

Not only is this brand ahead of the game business wise but it’s cruelty free! With over 400 products what’s not to love!

The brand has been a huge hit around the world due to its formula and rich pigments and I’m excited to see it grow within the UK.

Here’s a peek into what I bought:

The Cream Eyeshadow

Waterproof cream eyeshadow comes in 18 shades. highly pigmented and metallic. The shimmer and glitter on this is AMAZING! It promotes itself as long lasting and it really does stand by it! I tired to remove this and had to really scrub to get it off, even with extreme make up remover! Very impressed. Even ore so with the price of £8.95.

The Eye Pencil 200

I love the built-in smudger on one end and it works brilliantly with the formula of the pencil. This pencil is the softest kohl I have ever found! This pencil is very compact, no brushes needed and the as its so soft it glides on like a dream. I’m impressed that this also comes in 8 colours, its not often that a kohl pencil would come in so many colours.

The Lip Pencil With Applicator 

Again, another versatile pencil with one end an applicator brush ideal to blend out lines applied with the liner. This pencil comes in 10 shades which Is limited however the brand does offer other pencils in other colours. The pencil can be used to fill the lip with colour or as a liner. Once again a truly soft formula with long lasting qualities.

I am very impressed with the few products I picked up and cant wait to visit London again to see what new creations they have come out with!

II also wanted to mention that I’m in love with their website, they manage to keep it really simple even though there’s so many products and on top of that, they have a looks page and its very creative! go check it out for inspiration: https://uk.3ina.com/looks


Have you guys tried any products? Let me know your fave x





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