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Elizabeth Grant International: IdealWorld Bestseller

Elizabeth Grant International: IdealWorld Bestseller

Elizabeth Grant International is a Canadian skincare brand and Ideal World No.1 bestseller for skincare! I wanted to find out why!

DSC 3335 1440x960 - Elizabeth Grant International: IdealWorld Bestseller

The brand described itself as a luxury skincare brand and that’s easily saw within the packaging for first impressions.

The brand keeps it within the family with Elizabeth’ daughter in law now the president and it started as a home business. The brand was started by Elizabeth Grant in 1950’s when she was a practising make up artist based in London. This makes perfect sense to me because as a make up lover, when I started researching make up I fell in love with skincare because you simply cannot avoid it! we all need a perfect blank canvas before applying make up right!

DSC 3333 1440x960 - Elizabeth Grant International: IdealWorld Bestseller

Elizabeth was so successful due to the one ingredient she founded and after doing celebrity make up they would beg her for the details of her great skin! Still to this day her products contain the best anti aging ingredients, vitamins and proteins.

After becoming a success worldwide she now has celebrity fans including J Lo and many others.

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Biocollasis Day Serum and night serum 30 ml £29.99

These products are aimed to make your skin more younger and radiant.  It is filled with peptides as well as the famous ingredient Torricelumn. The biocollasis complex cell ingredient is designed to help protect your skin, make it look more calmer reduced the fine lines of wrinkles.

For me with sensitive skin, the calming nature of the serums are fab! The serums also contain powerful natural ingredient which gives it the colour of rare algae and marine stem cells.

After trying this for over 1 week I can tell me skin is looking plumper and for bright! I’m so surprised by this range and for the price of both products is amazing!

Ideal World Logo - Elizabeth Grant International: IdealWorld Bestseller

Ideal World work close with their designers and showcase  the Elizabeth grant products on their site. Compared to the originally site they offer great discounts. Ideal World are unique in that they have their own TV show and promote their products over the web too, which with social media is how we buy most of our products now! Go have a look and see if you can grab a deal here



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