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Norway: The Extra-Sensory Experience!

Norway: The Extra-Sensory Experience!

We all want to go on holiday to relax, but for a lot of us, the word “relax” means something totally different. A place like Norway is the living definition of relaxation in sumptuous surroundings. Fantastic Fjords, momentous mountains, and just a sheer sheen of joy, you don’t see many fjords in places like the UK! If you are looking for somewhere that doesn’t require you to go at a frantic pace but rather sit back and take in the sights, sounds and smells, then Norway is the place for you. Let’s look a little bit further.

The Amazing Sights

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Norway has some fantastic scenery and not just the mountains and Fjords, but of course the Northern Lights, and if you’re wondering how long does the Northern Lights last for, this natural phenomenon occurs throughout the year, but there are seasons where you can see the lights better than others. The winter months from January to March are better, which means you can make the most of a crisp Norwegian winter. The cities in Norway are great for relaxation and you can spend your whole holiday walking at a modest pace, and Oslo has plenty of things to do. You could walk up onto the roof of the Oslo Opera House, take a relaxing stroll past Picasso’s The Fisherman. Or if you’ve got an interest in the theater or arts you could visit the Var Frelsers Cemetery to see the graves of Edvard Munch, the creator of The Scream, as well as Henrik Ibsen, one of the most celebrated playwrights of all time.

The Overwhelming Sounds

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Norway’s rich musical culture can be explored with a visit to the Rockheim Museum in Trondheim. The National Museum of Norwegian popular music, the Rockheim opened in 2010 and has enjoyed a wealth of visitors since, all keen to learn about Norway’s musical heritage, from the traditional folk to the more contemporary rock and pop sounds coming out of the clubs. There is also a deep tradition of heavy metal running through the veins of Norway, and there are many metal festivals such as the Inferno Festival in Oslo.

The Delicious Smells

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Is not just the sights and sounds that make Norway but you really have to go there to experience the beautiful smells of the markets in small towns such as Alesund or the traditional pastries like the krumkaker. If you love your fish, then get yourself down to one of the many fish markets. Fish is a staple dish in Norway, and one of its main exports is the now standard smoked salmon. People gather for a crab feast known as krabbefest, where they would cook live crabs in a pan outdoors in a rustic style with some bread, mayonnaise, and a few wedges of lemon to go with the crab. They enjoy it with a bottle of beer or a glass of white wine.

Norway as a sensory experience is one that will overcome you. You’ll enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells while feeling completely relaxed on holiday. You don’t need to go relaxing on a beach, just get yourself to Norway and hang around with the friendly locals and take in the culture.


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