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Zoeva: Looking for the Perfect Palette for Summer?

If you haven’t heard of Zoeva, Where HAVE YOU BEEN?

Zoeva are a German brand that is sold internationally featuring it’s iconic eyeshadow palettes and brushes.

I featured a post a while back about their brushes but I finally got around to purchasing their eyeshadow palette.

There are many to choose rom including the larger palettes however their most popular are the 10 eyeshadow palettes.

I picked up the “Cocoa Blend” palette for £17.50.

This palette is “Inspired by warm truffle colours, delicate nougat shades and shimmery marzipan tones for a seductive glamour makeup look”.

There are so many looks you can create with the and the best thing I love about this palette is how you can group 4 shadows together to create different looks.

For exampled you can take the first 4 colours and use them together and the last 4. yo can even take the 4 in the middle and create a look with them shadows. They are perfectly places together to make it easier and more efficient.

All of the powders are beautifully pigmented and the black is blacker than black which has really impressed me. You can truly create the perfect summer look with this palette for both day AND night looks and some shades you can use as highlight too!

A true all rounder of an eyeshadow palette! I cant wait to get my hands on some other palettes and start creating more looks!


  1. 19/07/2017 / 3:57 pm

    AHH. Why’s there so many good palettes out currently… it’s no wonder I’ve got no money left!?♥️

  2. 22/07/2017 / 8:43 pm

    I adore Zoeva , i have an eyeshadow palate and a blusher one, both so worth every penny spend on them:)
    The lip plumper is effective, you use it so many times a day and nothing then one morning i woke up and BAM!

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