Primark: New Mermaid Brushes

Primark: New Mermaid Brushes

I could not resist these Mermaid brushes!

After seeing the previous range all over social media then selling out, when Primark launched their new mermaid brushes I simply had to run and buy them before they sold out again!

It’s not hard to see why! They are stunning, but how do they perform.

The brushes are all very soft, the colours beautiful too. The brushes themselves are plastic, so over time I’m not 100% if the thistles will last very well or if the paint will fall out but truth be told we will have to wait and see.

They plastic is not a bad thing necessarily, they are very light making make up application super easy.

For £10 you get 5 brushes. 1 x Liner Brush, 1 x eyeshadow brush, 1 x foundation brush, 1 x contour brush and 1 x power brush. You can of course use them to apply anything else you want, brushes can be versatile.

My overall verdict is a positive one, for just £10 you do get a great range of brushes you can use for all sorts, and no matter how old you are everyone will want these beauties in their make up draw!


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  1. July 17, 2017 / 6:32 pm

    They’re really cute brushes and they look pretty good quality for £10.00 too. Great for everyday makeup and goes to show you don’t need to pay really expensive for makeup brushes. In fact, I wouldn’t want to pay expensive for brushes, if I’m honest.

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