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How to Help Your Friends Boyfriend Choose an Engagement Ring

How to Help Your Friends Boyfriend Choose an Engagement Ring

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There are few things more exciting than finding out that your best friends is about to be proposed to. But what if you find out even before she does and you find yourself involved in picking out the perfect ring for her? That is a lot of pressure. So if you ever find yourself in the situation where your ring searching skills are requested then follow the below tips to make sure that you do both proud your friend and her partner proud.

Think About Her Style

The best place to start is to be focus on your friends individual style. You will want to spend some time thinking about the kind of jewellery that your friend wears in order to try and figure out the kind of ring you think she would really like. Does she tend to wear more gold than silver, for example? Does she usually like a lot of colour in her outfits so you think she may like a uniquely coloured stone? Does she have a favourite colour or a favourite type of stone? Is she quite flamboyant in her style or does she prefer to be a little more subtle and understated in her fashion and accessories? These are all important points to be considering when thinking about the type of engagement ring that really reflects her unique style and that will blow her away when she first sees it.

Quiz & Listen

Find a subtle way to talk about rings and jewellery. If you struggle to think of a subtle way to bring it into a conversation without ruining the surprise, maybe you can find a magazine with a ring section (Obviously not a ring or bridal magazine as that would be a big give-away) and on a chilled afternoon in the park, or lounging around on the sofa, have a flick through and see what type of rings most peak her interest.


Once you have more of an idea you will then want to put some research in online to find out the best rings that offer the best value for money at the highest quality. For Kay Jewelers Review click here to find reviews and information about the different types of rings on the market and those that offer the highest quality. Make sure you are with your friends partner when you do this research so that you can take notes and discuss the types of rings that you think your friend would love the most.

Ring Shopping

All the above stages have lead you, finally, to the jewellery store. You may have found a local jewellery company from your research above. Or you may have got an idea of the types of rings that you like and you are going shopping to see what kinds of rings you can find that tick all your boxes. As long as you go with a clear picture in your mind of your friends tastes and style then you should have no problem helping your friends partner choose the perfect ring to blow her away with when he pops the big question.


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