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The Most Dramatic Ways to Shake up Your Style Like Never Before

Your style is something that is so close to you that it can sometimes be a little hard to change things up from now and again. It can be fun to do that though! Especially if you have an event or something like that to go to. Sometimes you feel the most confident when you are completely trying something new! If you want, to stand out, you’ll have to go for something very unusual! If you want to find out some of the most dramatic ways you can add something new to your style, keep on reading!

1) Find the accessory for you!

Your accessories say a lot about you. If you are looking to dramatically change up your style, it is really lovely to have some beautiful jewellery that you wear for formal or special occasions. However, you should head to the high street (for some less costly finds) to get some trend pieces which are perfect for keeping your look a little bit quirky! Right now, one of the biggest trends for the season is large colourful earrings! These go with so much and would change up your style if you aren’t used to dabbling into the crazy jewellery world.


2) Change up the hair!

If you were looking for something even more dramatic and you aren’t quite willing to take the plunge into cutting or dying your hair, a great option for you would be to have a look at some ladies wigs! Wigs are an amazing way to play around and have fun with some new styles! Without actually having to make any permanent changes to your hair. It would be loads of fun to try out some new colours and shapes and find out what you love in hair. It is also an excellent way to just go blonde for the night, without any damage to your hair. If you thought a particular hair look would go better with an outfit you want to wear, it’s an excellent way to do just that!


3) Try new colours and patterns!

Everyone loves a good piece of clothing that lasts you a long time! They are so durable, and it is great to have something you can come back to again and again and know you’re going to love it just as much. However, sometimes it is great to go for a few more daring pieces that you maybe wouldn’t wear again and again. If you go to the high street, you can find some cheaper items that are out there, have fun with your clothes and try to experiment with colours and patterns and shapes that you haven’t tried before. If you go for something that you wouldn’t even have considered trying on before, you’ll be happy to find that there is a lot out there that suits you!


4) Experiment more with makeup!

Makeup is meant to be fun! It really can be loads and loads of fun if you go to town on it! Just have a play around and see what you can create. There are so many eyes looks you can try with just a few colours, so just one palette. Another way you can try something different is a different lipstick shade. Raid your mom’s or your friend’s makeup and see if what they like looks good on you! #ad


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