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How to Plan a Themed Wedding

How to Plan a Themed Wedding

When you bring up the notion of a themed wedding to most women, they’ll shut it down before even considering it. No couple wants their wedding to turn into a spectacle. However, a themed wedding can be the ideal way of making the biggest day of your lives personal. Without personal touches added to a wedding, guests could walk in and feel like they’re at anybody’s wedding. To make the day really special, you need to do something that’s important to you. With that in mind, the thought of a themed wedding may be something you’re open to. Read on to find out more about what you need to know when planning a themed wedding.

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Forget Trends

When you get engaged, you may have others approach you and ask questions, like ‘what are your wedding colours?’ or ‘do you have a venue yet?’. It’s almost an automatic response for brides to start picking up bridal magazines and looking at this years’ wedding trends. And, suddenly you have yourself a very beautiful but completely impersonal wedding. The last thing you want to do is look back at your wedding and wish you’d done something differently.

So, instead of letting the wedding industry dictate what you should be doing to plan your wedding, start thinking about what you actually like. Having a themed wedding doesn’t mean that all of your guests have to turn up in fancy dress, it just means that you get to demonstrate your style as a couple. Start making lists of things that you like, passions you have or memories that you cherish. It can be anything from the colour black, to your favourite movies and books or working out how to get your pets involved in your big day.

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Start with Save the Date

Save the Date cards are a way of informing your guests when your wedding will take place well in advance. It gives busy people a chance to book time off work or arrange transport, especially if there are guests coming from different countries. Your Save the Date cards can give your guests an idea of what the wedding theme will be. It’s an opportunity for you to show your personalities. It’s not only a clue for your guests, but it’s also a great starting place for you. Once you have the Save the Date cards sent out, you can start building upon the foundation you’ve already put in place.

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Connecting the Dots

Once you have a style in mind, it’s important to use it throughout the entire wedding. For example, if a couple chose Shakespeare as a theme to run with, the tables may be named after some of his plays and the cake may have hamlet holding a skull as a topper. The great thing about planning an alternative wedding is that there is no limit to how creative you can be. Whether you choose to have subtle nods to your passions throughout your wedding or you go the whole hog and have everything themed, it’s sure to be a day to remember. However, planning this kind of wedding can be expensive, especially if you have little time. If you need access to money, instead of choosing a traditional loan, look into online lending growth instead. It isn’t always possible to save the money you need for your dream wedding in time, so borrowing money could give you the extra boost you need.

Look Further Than the Traditional

If you’ve grown up attending traditional weddings, it may be difficult for you to think outside the box. When you think of the idea of a wedding, you automatically think white dress, church bells and a three-tiered cake. But, why does your wedding have to be the same? If there are parts of a traditional wedding that you don’t like, don’t use them. Your dress doesn’t have to be white, you don’t have to get married in a church and you could use cupcakes instead (shock, horror!). It’s your wedding day, and the choices you make will say a lot about what you value. Similarly, you don’t want your guests to leave your wedding saying. ‘oh, that was a lovely beach wedding’. You want them to leave saying, ‘that was so John and Sarah. What a lovely day.’

Incorporate Your Relationship

When guests come to your wedding they want to get involved in your story. It’s surprising how many wedding guests don’t get to find out how the married couple first met or how the groom proposed. Adding little details about your relationship to the wedding could help your guests to connect with the event. You could do anything from hanging pictures up as bunting, to showing a slideshow on a projector screen or even writing out a few funny date stories on the table names.

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Putting it All Together

Planning a wedding is a big job and there are lots of things you need to consider in order to create the big picture. Once you’ve decided on a style and thought about the things that mean the most to you, you’ll have the job of bringing the vision together. Do you both love being outdoors? If so, an outdoor wedding is ideal. Have you both said you enjoy letting loose and having fun? Maybe you need to focus on lots of entertainment for your wedding. If you join the both together, you could consider a fairground theme, where you and your guests enjoy rides and candy floss while outdoors.

If you and your partner have different ideas about what will make your wedding great, forget about focusing on style and try and write down some words. What words describe your relationship? Relaxed? Loving? Best friends? Focus on the words you’ve come up with and create your theme from those words. That way, you always have a starting point to go back to. If someone suggests an idea you can go back and check the idea can link with the words you’ve written down.

Planning a wedding won’t always be smooth riding, but creating a theme will mean you can incorporate the best parts of your relationship in it.


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