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Skin Diaries: How to avoid spots

Do you suffer with spots?

One thing I’ve found hitting 30 is that you can get spots all ages, its not just teenagers!

The biggest question is how to get rid of spots.

Well I guess it starts from within, if you’ve read my other skincare posts I’m a believer in that your diet can effect your skin in a BIG way! I am however aware that there are people out there who also have skin conditions which may cause spots or medication. I’m not here to talk about that sorry. I wouldn’t lie and say I know it all, but what I do know, I want to share with you! So here are my biggest tips on how to avoid spots:

  1. Water: I don’t mean putting water on your face, I mean DRINKING! It’s recommended we drink 2 litres of water each day to keep your skin hydrated and in turn more fresh and plumper.  I can speak from experience on this, Since starting on my journey with The Fit Mumma and drinking as much water as I can, my skin has cleared up and looks a lot healthier.  You’ll be surprised what the benefits of drinking water can be! Flickr
  2. Moisturise: It’s important to find the right moisturiser that wont clog up your pores. If your using the wrong moisturiser it can lead to all sorts of other complications including spots. You need to find your correct skin type and that’ll help you pick out the correct moisturiser. See here for more info: https://www.nivea.co.nz/experience/face-care/skin-consultant
  3. Exfoliate and Cleanse: I know this may sounds obvious but if you do not regularly exfoliate or cleanse your face, the bacteria can build up and cause spots and maybe other problems like rashes or skin conditions. My advice would be to use a daily cleanser with beads that gently exfoliate or a Cleansing brush. Check out this one I bought at Aldi for £9.99! Visage Facial Cleansing System
  4. Face Mask: The easiest way to decongest our skin is by applying a face mask. My favourite for clearing up spots in GlamGlow Supermud however for some it’s a little pricey. Another favourite of mind that is super affordable is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot 2 in 1 mask for only £4.99. Anything with mud in it will help calm the angry spots and help to conceal for the day ahead. If you are like me, I get spots when I’m due my period. I use a mask when before, during and after the breakout to spot it from getting out of control and help get rid quicker!
  5. Tea Tree: My final recommendation is Tea Tree. I don’t believe in spending loads of money to treat something that people have been getting for years! when I’m having difficulty getting rid of those big spots I always turn to my saviour! you can get this in many forms including face wash and face mask!

So I hope this helps you guys, and remember DONT PICK YOUR SPOTS……it will only make them worse!

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