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Food Adventures In London

In the past, the UK has been given a bad rep for food, but that is all changing thanks to a constantly improving food industry. London is an excellent destination to enjoy food, with international cuisine as well as traditional British flavour all having a place on the menu. Got your mouth watering yet? Take a look at some unmissable food experiences in England’s capital city.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea may seem perplexing until you’ve tried it. There’s something very quaint and elegant about enjoying finger sandwiches, cakes and of course, tea within a grand setting such as department stores like the world-famous Harrods and renowned hotels like Claridges. There are many great choices for afternoon tea in London, but make sure you make a reservation to avoid disappointment! There are even budget-friendly options to enjoy to offer a taster of this top English tradition.

Street Food

Camden food stall image from Flickr

Street food is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in London, with a wide range of great street food events featuring both local and internationally-inspired dishes that will delight your senses. As a very multicultural city, you’ll find that London has a lot to offer that you may have never tried before. Always housed in cool surroundings with a modern and trendy vibe, you’ll definitely want to experience the street food culture London-style as part of your visit. If you’re lucky, your visit could coincide with a food festival, which are like street food events but on a much larger scale, with music and entertainment thrown in for a fantastic way to experience London living.

Food markets

Borough Market image via Flickr

Food markets are also big business in London. Its location along the Thames means it was a key center of trade, and still is for many food suppliers and buyers. Borough Market, Billingsgate Market and Broadway Market are all heaving with people looking to sample different local foods and get into the true spirit of London. From local cheeses and dairy to quality meats and vegetables, go on an empty stomach as you’ll need some room to try those samples!

Dining in style

London is home to some of the most stylish and beautiful restaurants in the world, and you can enjoy a mix of high-quality gourmet food to delicious pub lunches that will have you in awe at your surroundings as well as the food on your plate. Rather than staying at a hotel and giving in to the convenience of eating in the hotel restaurant each night, look into short term lets from London Serviced Apartments to make sure you venture out to try out the local cuisine. As one of the top cities in Europe to visit for food experiences, you’d be mad not to try as many places to eat as possible.

Europe is a great place to visit for a multi-destination vacation, particularly if you want to try new and exciting things. If you can, ten days or longer in Italy is highly recommended as you enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean culture of one of Europe’s top travel destinations. We hear the food is pretty good there too!


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  1. 25/07/2017 / 1:29 pm

    Gemma if you come to London you also need to check out the food market in Maltby Street. Its not that far from Borough Market either – open Sat and Sun and quite often packed!

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