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Estee Lauder: Nutritious Micro-Algae

Nutritious Micro-Algae

Pore Minimising Hydra lotion

I love it when Estee Lauder have a new product launch, they are so generous with their samples to get their customers to get a true feeling of the product before they buy.

I’ve been looking for the best thing to prime my dry skin and blur pores. There are so many products out there that promise to do this but simply don’t!

The whole range promises to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh NOT SHINY. It also aims to reduce pores, in all the products in the range, not just this one.

I always test products like these on the area on the back of my hand by the bottom of my thumb. My pores always seem rather large here so you can see if a product really works.

As you can see on the photos before and after the pores seem reduced.

The Micro-Algae range is a potent ingredient that when applied leaves your skin looking glowing and healthy instantly.


I really love this product, for dry skin its amazing, its a lightweight fluid lotion which also helps to control oil. You can wear this before make up or without and it will still leave your skin feeling fresh and your pores looking reduced.

The full size product is 100ml and can be purchased for £36.00. For me with dry skin and particularly picky about primers, I would give this 5 out of 5 and definitely pay this price.





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