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Throwing The Christmas Party To End All Christmas Parties – Start Planning Now

Christmas is one of the most exciting events of the year. We all get lots of presents, get to eat lots of nice food, and spend quality time with our families. The setting is usually nice too, with snow and decorations making the world look like a more magical place. Wouldn’t it be nice to gather all of your loved ones together and throw a Christmas party to celebrate the year you’ve had? Here are some pointers that will help you to throw the Christmas party to end all Christmas parties. You’ve got just enough time to plan, so read on!

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Create A Signature Cocktail

A signature cocktail can be lots of fun to create and even better to drink. You can have drinks like hot apple cider and eggnog ready and waiting, but don’t be afraid to experiment with yummy winter drinks to see what you can come up with.

Think Up A Suitable Dress Code

A suitable dress code doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up to the nines. It could mean ugly christmas jumpers, or at least wearing some kind of festive attire. Make sure people know that this is their ticket into the party, so if they’re not dressed for the occasion they’ll be turned away. It makes it more fun when everybody is one the same page when it comes to the dress code.

Choose An Amazing Venue

Your venue will make or break your party, depending on how many people you invite, how much you want to decorate it, how easy it is to get to, etc. If you want a beautiful, stress free venue, you could consider hiring an xmas party marquee. They aren’t just for weddings, and can be used in a variety of other situations. You could even have the party at your house, but be prepared for a big clean up and a few stragglers afterwards.

Invite A Good Mix Of People

Generally, the less introductions you have to make, the better. Invite a good mix of people that get along for the best atmosphere!

Make An Awesome Playlist Using Spotify

Spotify makes it super easy to create a playlist. Make a great one that’s long enough for the whole party with Christmas songs, classics, and anything else you think will get people singing and dancing.

Have Fun Entertainment

Entertainment is a must. How about a karaoke station so that your great aunt Maureen can get up and sing her favourite, ‘all I want for Christmas is you’? Something like this will really break the ice!

Play A Game

You can also have games ready, such as pass the parcel with novelty items. Just don’t plan too many. People will want to do their own thing!

Don’t Get Stressed

Finally, don’t stress. You know these people best, and it should be more about having a great time together than how many games you can play. Sometimes, good company is all you need.

Start planning your party now in time for the festive season!


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