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Getting a New Phone? Avoid These Mistakes

Getting a New Phone? Avoid These Mistakes

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So you need a new phone – but getting a new one isn’t as easy a process as it’s made out to be! Here are the mistakes you need to avoid.

Putting design first

Yes, that newly-released phone you’re eyeing may be incredibly sexy, and it may make your friends envious if you were to get it. But the design of the phone – both the hardware as well as the user interface – shouldn’t be more important than functionality in your considerations.

Don’t buy a phone just because it looks nice and feels great to play around with. You need to ensure the phone will actually be fit for your purposes; otherwise, you’re going to end up spending way too much money relative to what you actually need the phone for!

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Rushing the process

There are many people out there who love phones so much that they’re willing to spend a long time researching their options. But most people don’t think all that much about it until their current contract ends or the phone itself breaks irreparably. People in this position may be tempted to get the whole thing over and done with as soon as possible – but this is a mistake.

You need to take the time to go over all of your options, because otherwise you may end up getting something far more expensive than you actually need. You might miss out on some nice contract phones with free gifts, or you might miss out on a particular deal that will be available if you wait for a little while longer. Purchasing a new phone is a complex process in which a lot of pressure is put on the consumer; you’re encouraged to rush your decision in order to maximize profit for the retailers. Be careful!

Trusting other opinions too much

A lot of people who don’t know the ins and outs of phone specifications may put their complete trust in the opinions of others. But you need to be careful here; some people have zealous love for particular brands that will blind them to the fact that the phone they’re recommending might not fit your purposes. Take your own opinion into account, too!

And if there’s one opinion you certainly shouldn’t trust as gospel, it’s the advice of the sales assistants in the phone stores. Studies taken out across multiple stores have found that sales assistants in phone stores tend to suggest the exact same brand and model at given times – because they’re given incentives to sell particular phones.

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Assuming you need insurance

Insurance seems like a really sound idea in this field. While many people dismiss insurance right off the bat when it comes to other tech purchases, phone insurance just seems so sensible. After all, most of us have experienced phone problems within the first year of ownership.

But the total cost of insurance over the lifetime of a phone tends to exceed – by a large margin – the costs you may have to pay for getting the phone fixed. Let’s take screen replacement, for example – the most commonly used fix covered by insurance plans. The cost of screen replacement isn’t cheap, but it’s far lower than the total cost of both insurance and excess fees.

Don’t be tricked by the industry’s many ploys into making serious mistakes – take your time when buying a new phone!


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