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Petite and Plus Size: Everyone’s Favourite Print

Without a doubt the Ginham trend has hit the high street HARD this year. But is it gonna stick around?

To be frank, I couldn’t give a shit if it’s not on vogue runway for AW17, I’m going to wear it anyway!

This summer saw sellout pieces across the high street from brands such as Zara and Primark. Remember this cult blue dress from Primark

Image: Look.com

For me, Ginham is a trend I can wear with confidence. Anything that has a pattern on can hide lumps and bumps, worn in the correct way of course. If your wearing the correct size for your body I truly believe all sizes and shapes cannot go wrong with this pattern.

Ginham is one of the most versatile patterns too, swap the colours to transition from summer to autumn and opt for a red pattern instead of Blue. Or a black for an evening like this dress from New Look

You can pair this up with any other pattern to create a more textured look and or add bold colours or accessories for an evening Look. I went for something that brought me in at the waist to show off my curves and this dress is perfect!

As always, thanks for your support with my fashion posts, If you have an amazing ginham outfit sent it across I wanna see!

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