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I Woke Up Like This : All The Work That Goes Into A Fresh Faced Natural Beauty Look

There is no better time in the year to give the fresh faced natural beauty look a go, than in summer. However, if you think pulling off such a look will take little effort, then you’d better think again, as contrary to popular opinion, most of us do not just wake up like this! Actually, it can take a lot of work to pull off this look, but it can be done with truly flattering results. Just read on to find out how.

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First of all, if you are going to use the minimum of makeup in you fresh faced beauty look, you are going to need to have healthy skin. To do this, you need to put in the time with both your skincare regime and your diet. That means not only eating a healthy diet full of antioxidants, as they help skin retain its youthful appearances, but also have a solid cleanse, tone, and moisturise regime that you keep too morning and night.

Luckily there are plenty of fabulous products out there that make this morning and nightly ritual an enjoyable one. Try the range I review here, or something similar, and after a while of keeping this up, you can wear nothing but a BB cream with confidence, for that just rolled out of bed, but looking fabulous vibe.


Next, if you are going to rock the fresh faced I woke up like this look, then your teeth have to be at their best. This is because your smile is one of the most import facial features, and if it isn’t right it will throw the whole look off.  Especially if you are going for minimal emphasis on the other areas.

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So how can you make sure that your smile is radiant? Well, apart from the obvious, why not visit a professional like DFY Dental for some cosmetic treatments? There you can have your teeth straightened, get veneers for any problems areas, and even have an invisible brace. Allowing you to get a perfect beaming smile to set off your fresh faced natural beauty look, without anyone even having to know that you have any work done.


Lastly, getting your makeup right is essential to the fresh faced look. You want enough to emphasise you good features, but not too much that it actually looks like you have makeup on. Something that can be a difficult balance to achieve.

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To help you do this check out this tutorial, and remember, as a rule, go for lower pigment foundations that just even and smooth rather than cover the whole face. Also, use a lip colour that is as close to your own as possible, and a brief slick of mascara on your eyelashes. In this way, you can emphasise the beauty of your natural face to make it appear that you have woken up looking that way. Even if the rest of us girls know all that hard work that you put into the look behind the scenes!


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