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The Perfect Blogging Office!

If you’re anything like me, I find it hard to concentrate on creating the perfect post, pictures and content sitting with my laptop on the kitchen bench or on the end of the bed! We all need the perfect blogging environment to suit our creative behaviours.

Here are my top tips to creating the perfect space to make your blogging dreams come true


Let there be LIGHT! we all know first hand that lack of light can be a curse on our photos. Try and pick a space or room that has lots of natural light available.



Everyone hates winter especially us bloggers who cant get enough sunlight to take pictures but do not worry! there are plenty of artificial lighting you can use from light boxes to ringlights. I purchased mine from Amazon.

The great things about artificial lighting is that there are so many available and you can get some great offers too!


Try and choose a room that has neutral colours. This makes it easier for photo backgrounds. Its easier to add props without worrying about colour clashes. That or either have one very bright wall with added colour!



We all need to feel like a exec when were doing our work! The perfect environment to keep your head in the zone. Not only that but sitting at a desk for long hours is MUCH better then sitting at the end of the bed or anywhere you can fit around your work. I love these desks from Calibre Furniture. I prefer a simple desk which offers room for my computer and paperwork to spread in an “organised mess”

Check our their website for offers and office furniture pieces for all of your home.

For me, these are the three basics you need for the perfect environment. I also have a time of day I prefer to do my work however we all work differently and what’s important is for you to understand how you work at you’re best!



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  1. Nikolas Whitehead
    06/07/2018 / 5:42 am

    Having a proper office is kind of necessary to have better working environment which lets you work without any interruption and increases your productivity. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea for office.

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