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Heading Off Piste? Turn Heads As You Hit The Slopes Next Winter

Holiday fashion isn’t all swimwear and bikinis for the beach. Ski wear is also staking its claim to be adorned as you head off piste next winter. The key aspect of winter fashion is its need to be functional yet chic. It’s no use having the most stunning winter jacket if it lacks insulation and leaves you with frostbite.

You may have chosen to embark on a jaunt to the well established Soll in Austria with its tree lined ski runs ideal for beginners and families. Or you may have opted for one of the ever popular Andorra ski holidays with its fine off piste areas and stunning mountain views to soak up the winter sun. Venturing to this quirky little destination will see you enjoying the Pyrenees vistas as you flaunt your winter wardrobe. Whichever ski resort you have chosen to while away your winter break, you’ll want to achieve the perfect look for your seasonal attire.

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Perhaps the most fundamental bit of kit for your ski essentials are your trusty pair of ski boots. Finding the balance between style and function is a tricky endeavour with the need for comfort and insulation. The boots you choose must withstand the coldest of temperatures so that your toes don’t turn black and fall off the morning after your first day on the slopes. You may want to opt for the Vivobarefoot Kula boots with their sturdy support and Abba-esque 1970s styling, they will be sure to turn heads as you enjoy a hot chocolate or two.



To be comfortable and to look like a fashion goddess while skiing is no mean feat. If your skills don’t aid you, then you need to ensure that your jacket will attract attention. Look cool this winter in a bold statement ski jacket. Opt for a primary colour to stand out from the crowd. Don’t scrimp on quality and select a brand that is renowned for its winter credentials like Quiksilver, North Face or Salomon.

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It wouldn’t be a winter break if you didn’t indulge in a little bit of kitsch knitwear. When you aren’t hitching a ride on a ski lift to embark on your tenth run of the day, it’s time for some apres relaxation. Wrap up warm, put on your knitwear and head to the bars and cafes that make up your ski resort. Check out the bright and vibrant knitted sweaters with intricate detailing and design. Be individual and bold in your choices, content in the knowledge that you have pulled off the ultimate winter look this season.

Selecting the right pieces for your suitcase when heading off for a break in the mountains is no easy task. The sheer array of options available is mind boggling. Beanie or bobble? Salopettes or trousers? Bold or muted? The key thing to consider is comfort and warmth. If you fall in love with a pair of trousers that look great but leave your knees knocking on the slopes, you’ll soon grow to hate them. Search for the perfect combination of style and function, and you can’t go wrong.


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