3 Steps to Gorgeous Hair

3 Steps to Gorgeous Hair

It can be hard to keep your healthy when your constantly changing things up to keep on trend.

I’ve had these struggles all my life and learnt and few things along the way. I wanted to bring you my top tips to keeping your hair healthy along your journey of constant changes of colours and styles!

Step 1: Cleanse

It’s crucial to get the right shampoo for your hair type but what’s equally important is knowing how to cleanse your hair properly. Choosing the wrong shampoo for your hair can cause damage to your skin including dry scalp which could lead to dandruff.

The main thing to remember when shampooing your hair is that you need to massage your scalp to remove the oil build up. Too much shampoo can clog to pores so be gentle and don’t use too much…that’ll save you ££££ too!

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I swear by protein shampoo to strengthen my hair after bleach, I’ve been using Salon Science CELLULUXE SHAMPOO, Anti-Aging and promises to restore you hair leaving it healthier looking. I’ve seen a massive difference in the strength of my hair almost instantly, I can see why this was an award wining shampoo in 2016. Available in Boots and online they offer a free consultation which helps you choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

Step 2: Conditioner

It’s important to use conditioner after your shampoo routine to help detangle your hair and provide a smooth finish. There’s lots of benefits to conditioner, for me it prevent further damage to my hair and makes it easier to style after. To use a general conditioner you can leave on for a few minutes and then rinse however there are many other deep conditioners you can use as a mask a few times a week.

Step 3: Hair mask

Using a hair mask at least once a week to give your hair the moisture it needs. People can often wash their hair too much (thank god for dry shampoo). There are tons of masks out there so make sure you read the instructions as you can apply some to wet/dry hair and even leave overnight. My top tip would be to comb it through your hair to make sure you have an even spread and an equal amount at the roots and tip…remember to rinse well! Why not try the CELLUTENSIVE hair mask, another award winning product from Salon Science!

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These are very simple steps to getting it right! I can be easy to confuse things as there are so many brands and products out there to choose from but once you’ve found the right brand it’s hard not to go wrong.

DSC 3213 1440x960 - 3 Steps to Gorgeous Hair

To unleash your hair’s full potential you can add the THICKENING SERUM from Salon Science. It acts as a plumper but for your hair to take it from limp flat hair to volumise visible thicker hair!! Sounds like a dream…use it on wet or dry hair I love this serum and how light weight it feels on my hair!





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