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CACI Lip Plump Treatment @HaveToLove Boutique

Last night I attended the HaveToLoveFashion Boutique bloggers event and was able to demo the CACI Lip Plump Treatment done by the girls at Beauty at Gosforth Park.

The salon is based within the Gosforth Marriott Hotel and offers many different treatments including spa days and make overs!

I had offered to sample to CACI Lip Plumping treatment. Having read up about the CACI treatment beforehand I had learnt that it is a micro current that softens lines whilst making the skin look tighter and firmer, also meaning it’s a non surgical treatment. The whole idea is the LED light therapy helps to plump out lines and fine wrinkles around the targeted are (my lips) making them look fuller.

I was very nervous as I had never experienced a treatment like this and although I had read about it, you never really know what to expect. The girls were fab and told me everything I needed to know. I was given a gel to put over my lips to stop signals of pain. Being honest, it took a while for that to take effect and when the LED light was first put onto my lips it stung. A little like an electric shock with a slight suction to it. However once she applied more after that I couldn’t feel a thing.  The treatment took roughly 20 mins of going over my lips with the LED light.

Results: I could see instant results however your not going to get big lips after just one treatment. This treatment is designed to be repetitive to be more effective and the salon offers great deals for a block booking. if you booked 10 For “225 you will get a free one or £25 each. It is recommended after the block booking to have one a month to keep the treatment working. The treatment carries on working for 24 hours. It doesn’t hurt even after, but my top lip does feel a little plumper. I could tell that after many sessions this would give a brilliant plumper natural lip without having to get fillers and much more friendly on your skin.

The HaveToLove Boutique is situated just off Gosforth High street, a prime location to go boutique shopping and out for dinner and drinks after! The store has won many awards for best boutique and been featured in Vogue magazine! this is a huge achievement for owner Kate Whalton and rightly so! The boutique is beautiful offering discounts and new in fashion trends. We were treat to amazing handmade doughnuts by Proven Goods Co on the high street and other sweet treats throughout the night and it was a fab turnout! Others were treat to manicures by the ladies at Beauty at Gosforth park too whilst they shopped! Kate is always keeping her stock up to date the place is beautiful, I could have spent the whole night in their, they are so welcoming! Get yourself along and grab something ready for the AW17!

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