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Travelling The World On A Nearly Non-Existent Budget

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It sounds insane but it can be done. Travelling the world is expensive in many senses, but those who know what they’re doing can make it quite a considerable distance from home on next to no money. In fact, it’s probably only the initial costs that will knock your funds; once you’re in a foreign country, there are always ways to save money through hitchhiking and making new friends. Here are some tips to help you travel the world on a nearly non-existent budget.

Careful planning.

Money is obviously a crucial resource for travelling, even if you’re planning to hitchhike and sleep in a tent (or not sleep at all). The greatest adventures still require that you purchase plane tickets, food, and probably some form of accommodation at some point. Even the most frugal traveller needs a lot of money; especially if you’re planning to travel the world or, at least, to more than one place. The point is that there are going to be costs involved with the project and it’s important that you make a plan involving every step of the journey (with a little wiggle room for spontaneity) so that you can start to cost the overall adventure. You might need to start saving money well in advance.

Once you have a cost in mind, you need to consider whether it falls within your budget. If it doesn’t then you have two options: cut out some of the trips or destination you had planned, which isn’t an ideal solution as your goal is to travel as far as possible with as little money as possible, or find another way to fund the rest of the travelling you had planned. You could consider a loan with no credit check needed if you’re worried that your current rating might not be good enough. There are simpler options out there these days that rely simply on you being employed and having a credit card. Of course, if you own a house then that’s a valuable asset in itself and an assurance of your financial stability.

Visit places during off-season.

The smartest way to avoid additional costs on your journey is to avoid the big money pits of travelling. Don’t travel to the most popular place during the most popular time of year. Travel off-season. As mentioned in the previous point, planning is absolutely crucial, but an element of your planning process should involve cherry-picking certain places because the flights at a specific time of year are ridiculously cheap, for example.

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Finally, if all the previous advice didn’t help you because you’re essentially broke then you could consider one of the most enriching reasons for travelling possible: volunteering. Rather than spending a lot of money to visit a lot of different places for your personal gain, you could help give something to others in places where they need it most. Volunteering costs you nothing and it also earns you nothing. It’s not about money; it’s about an experience of the real world and the simply joy of making other people’s lives better.


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