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Caffe Botanico: A Gluten Free Oasis

Caffe Botanico can be found in House of Fraser at Intu Metrocentre and is a hidden gem!

Part of the Massarella Group, Caffe Botanico is a Mediterranean themed cafe that offers a wide variety of foods and drinks including Prosecco! Ideal for those girly days shopping where you need a sit down and some good healthy lunch!

Caffe Botanico is no ordinary cafe though, stating from it’s urban décor to the menu it’s clear to see there is no other place like this in the MetroCentre. Their menu stands apart from other cafe’s and has a great selection of healthy foods to choose from.

At first sight the salad bar will amaze you from it’s wide variety to homemade salad and it is beautifully made fresh every day. As are the sandwiches that are beautifully prepared. You can also sample their main meals and fresh cod dish!

We sampled the mushroom risotto and chicken Milanese with parmesan chips. I ordinary do not like mushrooms however the risotto was to die for! My friend even went as far to say it was the best risotto she had ever had! As for my chicken milanese you can see it was beautifully served! The tomato and fresh salad leaves with the dressing and chicken was the perfect size for an extra special lunch dish.

We sampled their version of the non alcoholic mojito and its was so amazing fresh! I’ll definitely be going back for another one of those!

We continued on to sample their desserts which are the only things not made fresh on that day however are brought in from the best quality cake makers! It was here I noticed the huge variety of gluten free and lactose free products they serve.

The manager told me that most of the dishes within the restaurant are gluten free and if you want a dish that is not, they will make it gluten free for you! Unlike any other restaurant or cafe in the Metrocentre that can do this! And for an added bonus they also do a kids menu so if you are looking for that Gluten free dish you can take your kids along too!

I would have expected a larger price for such a huge variety in menu however I did not find this. The prices are reflective of that in any other department store café yet this one has a touch more feel of luxury and I would thoroughly recommend you visit.

If not this Branch than Caffe Botanico can also be found in other locations across the North East!


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  1. abbeylouisarose
    03/09/2017 / 9:52 pm

    I love the Metrocentre but I tend to be overwhelmed by the choices of food and drink there!! This place sounds like a must visit so next time I’m in the north, I’ll be paying a visit!

    Abbey ?

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