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The Amazing Secrets of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is essentially just a natural rich course of fatty acids…..but don’t underestimate such a simple product.

Fatty acids help to regenerate skin and can be used to help damage skin but there are also many other wonderful ways to use Rosehip Oil!

Rosehip Oils have been used for many years for so many different things across the world, it’s one of the most versatile oils you will want to spend your money on!


Dry Hair: se it as a serum or massage into your hair, leave and rinse. Your hair will be left instantly smoother!

Dry Skin: Rosehip Oil heels to regenerate dry skin and re hydrate your skin leaving It visibly smoother looking. This scan be for ANY area of your body, remember its a natural ingredient so its not going to be harmful and will help other areas affected by dry skin such as elbows, heels or even lips.

Scars: Fatty acids that are found within Rosehip Oil help to treat scars and damaged skin. It will hydrate the area but the natural ingredients also speeds up healing too!

Sunburn: Similar to damaged skin, it will hydrate the area and help calm down the affect of sunburn on your skin.

Exfoliator: Obviously you would need to add sugar OR sea salt to make an exfoliator. This would be an organic, natural way to exfoliate…not to mention much CHEAPER!

Brighten Skin: Rosehip Oil promises to brighten up your skin and leaving it glowing if you add it into your daily routine! The moisturising effect helps to hydrate the skin leaving it younger looking and helping the pigmentation even out.

Face Serum/Primer: Mix it into your foundation for added moisture or apply it before for a more even coverage with your foundation and to help prevent your skin drying out throughout the day.

Cuticles: Rub into your hands and cuticles to promote healthy growing and stronger nails as well as adding moisture to our hands and keeping them younger looking.


I’ve been using the Rosehip PLUS Australian Certified Organise Rosehip Oil for the past few days and my skin is already so much smoother and more hydrated. This oil has cold pressed seeds sourced from Chile and smells lovely!

RosehipPLUS® Australian Certified Organic Rosehip Oil has been awarded Highly Commended Facial Serum in the Nature and Health Best in Beauty Awards 2017


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