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One for the memory book….

So many of you guys have seen the photos and asked me how it was!

Now that I’ve finally recovered from my experience, I wanted to share it with you! Last month I was invited to Newcastle in the Sky with Events in the Sky.

The event started off with champagne and drinks in the marque set up outside the front of The Sage where the Event was held. I arrived for lunch and was so happy to see my fellow bloggers Pixie, Ashleigh, Mandy, Katie, Melissa and Emma. I honestly couldn’t have done it without them OR the staff.

The staff were so welcoming on arrival and were asking me how I felt. I was honest and told them I was petrified but they assured me I would be ok and told me their own experiences of going up!

We were then gathered around and giving a briefing before we were told to stand behind out chairs. At this point I was still petrified but looking forward to lunch by Red True BBQ.

The girls were all so brill with me, They let me sit in the middle so I wasn’t on the edge….boy do I regret that now!

we were securely strapped in and the guys serving were chatting to us as we went up. we spoke about the various events throughout the UK and how they have also ravelled all over the world! As we went up I found it hard to relax but when we reached the top I began to allow myself to look around and relax a little. The food and drinks helped too! We were treat to a selection of their meat dishes (veggie options too) and potatoes and salad on the side. We also had a choice of all of their fab sauces to choose from and the ice tea cocktail to die for!

Half way through I began staring to enjoy myself, chatting and laughing with the girls and the waiters and photographers. we were turned throughout the flight so we could get different views and were able to get amazing photos. If I had been on the end and brave like the others I would have had even more amazing shots. I’m so glad I did the lunch as the views were spectacular!

The weather was great on the day too a little breezy but not as cold as expected. The next thing I knew we were coming down! We all said we wanted to go back up, what do they say, time flies when your having fun!

I cant wait till next year, I would love to do the 3 course meal and have more time up there or even the afternoon tea. it was an experience I’ll never forget and recommend everyone to give it a try! One to tell the grandkids!



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  1. 07/09/2017 / 7:13 pm

    Omg this is amazing. You got some great shots. You have a lovely blog.

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