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A Beautiful Dress for a Special Occasion

A Beautiful Dress for a Special Occasion

It is always great to be invited to a wedding or another family celebration such as an anniversary dinner. At events like this, you get the chance to meet up with friends and family, enjoy good food and, if you are lucky, dance the night away. Best of all, these special occasions offer you the chance to really dress up. For an event like a wedding, you have the perfect excuse to splash the cash and buy a truly special party dress.

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Follow the theme

The best way to narrow down your options and make sure that what you buy is appropriate is to follow the theme. If you are attending a wedding where the bride and groom are going to be dressed in Edwardian style clothes consider reflecting this in what you wear. Choosing a more modern style and accessorising it by wearing Edwardian style shoes and jewellery is an approach that often works well.

Shop early

When shopping for occassionwear it is very important that you allow plenty of time. You want to be able to go online and see which retailers stock the style of dress you would like to wear.
Once you have decided and found suitable accessories, place your order. As soon as your dress arrives, try it on. If it is too big or small it is wise to send it straight back and reorder. Once the replacement is delivered, try that dress on too along with all of the accessories if they have all arrived. Take the time to look at yourself properly from all angles in the mirror. Usually, it is a good idea to ask a friend to help you by holding a mirror behind you so you can see yourself from the rear.

Provided you are happy with everything, just try not to put on, or lose, too much weight before the event. If it is too tight, loose or long you should have enough time to get the necessary adjustments done.
As you can see you really do need to start shopping early. After all, the above process could take several weeks, especially if the post is delayed in some way.

Stay in your comfort zone

When choosing dresses for special occasions it is all too easy to get too carried away. You do not want to feel overdressed. If you do this you will only feel uncomfortable and find it hard to enjoy yourself. By all means, experiment a bit, but be sure to wear something you really like and feel confident wearing.

Don´t scrimp on the accessories

It is very important to accessorise a special dress properly. You do not want to ruin your outfit by wearing accessories that do not quite match.

How to get your measurements right

Naturally, you want the dress you choose to fit well. The best way to ensure that this is the case is to measure yourself before you go shopping. This is particularly important if you are planning to buy your party dress online. Fortunately, it is not hard to do. This short video shows you exactly how to do it, even if you do not have a friend on hand to help you.


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