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KISS Launch event and GIVEAWAY!!!!

“Faux mink to make the boys wink”

Kiss have launched their brand new lash range called lash Couture and held an event in Newcastle that I was lucky enough to attend.

The event was held in the All About You-Urban Beauty retreat located in the gorgeous Grey Street Hotel.

Beforehand I met up with the lovely Diane from http://www.studionailzandbeauty.com/. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Lola Jeans, very surprised how big the dishes were! Afterwards we headed to the event. It was jam packed!!!!

It was great to see some fellow bloggers and non bloggers too! the launch was big, well done to Alex PR for getting so many people to the event. I know it can be difficult at times as many people pull out last minute. if you did on this one you’ll be gutted, by now you would have seen the posts, goodies and pictures from the night!

The were served canapés and prosecco (soft drinks too) throughout the night, it was rather fancy and very nice!

The walls were lined with products!  inside the spa were nail stands with technicians ready to apply the gel nails that lined the walls. We were able to pick which ones we wanted! A little bi of luxury, and the next room has stacks of lashes, all styles to suit everyone and a beautician to apply them for you. I was lucky enough to get mine done first.

I have always struggles with lashes as I have small eyes and can find that lashes are way too big. the lady helped me find the perfect pair! I was brave when I got home too and tried some bigger ones on (they needed trimming) and they looked fab!

There was so many lashes to choose from all of their ranges including True volume lashes and the Blooming lashes. But we were here for the launch of the new Lash Couture, faux mink lash collection. You can use these up to 10 times and are designed to give a luxurious soft lash look. you can create so many looks with these from soft to glam! The lashes are very light and blends with the natural lash line. The best part is….the PRICE! Prices start from £7.99, if you know anything about faux mink lashes you’ll know this is cheap!!! and what’s even better is that you can now buy these in Superdrug.

It’s no secret I’m a lash fan! BUT there was a LOT to choose from the nail section! id be too embarrassed to show you a pic on my non existent nails. they are so bad I cant even get falsies on but that doesn’t mean I cant admire peoples nails!

The walls were covered with Impress Gel nails, Gel Fantasy nails and Salon Acrylic nails too! NAILS FOR DAYS!!!

We were able to pick and choose what we wanted as well as a goodies bag. Some of us (me!) were lucky enough to get our hands on some extra such as the eyeliners and brow packs! Everyone is loving the brown palette by the way worth checking out!

Overall it was a fab night, the girls from Alex PR were lovely and it was great sending some time with Chloe, Amy and Laura

The event was a huge success, people have still been talking about the night and the amazing products. I was so impressed I decided to share them with my readers and do a special GIVEAWAY. My GIVEAWAY has a range of nails mentioned above including their New Lashes and some other range lashes too! You do not want to miss out on this there so much up for grabs!

Here’s how to ENTER: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgleam.io%2Fkjnpn%2Fkiss-giveaway&h=ATNAQni8cH5kW-6489v5O6CwT3xeXnd0dwIpkoWKKI_hvh9SUTQLr8PcelOvj6spt-rhcI4vDx9Xkq2vlTNaGJ0xruss9RpOG7JRShR7ahJgrQ2H6tZTSEZBBkyAbooEqbwddCkBAL-dncD2c-rJGzisiT1X0hL-bouMhDFcNKkPwe8IbO59HpakrAejIsissoeLdTVbB5Dj0qwd7cPJg39r7EYrKYmcahXDyf92dSFnIWmG4jFE-NoX-Nj0RwQdEABuRr1_CIe5nfxo1RHHiV32jbb2MjjxuQ






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  1. 22/09/2017 / 7:23 pm

    Love the photos! Glad you had a good time, it is always nice to meet other bloggers. Entered the giveaway, fingers crossed!

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