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Tips to Remember When Planning the Perfect Wedding

Tips to Remember When Planning the Perfect Wedding

Your wedding being everything you want it to be is something that you deserve; it is said to be one of the happiest days of life, so you deserve for it to be perfect. But it’s not going to be everything you want it to be, and it’s not going to perfect, unless you make it that way. Yes, it’s completely down to you and anybody you task to help organise it with you to make your wedding day everything you want it to be. If this sounds like a daunting task, then make sure to read and then remember the tips below to help you plan and produce the perfect wedding.

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Don’t forget the little details

A wedding takes a lot of planning. You have to plan things for yourself (because it is your day, after all). You have to plan things for your guests. You have to make plans regarding your dress and probably even the other half’s suit. You have to make plans regarding catering. You have to make party plans. You have to make all sorts of plans. And because you have to make so many plans, it’s easy to start forgetting the smaller details that are just as important as the seemingly bigger ones. But this simply can’t be done — not if you want to plan a perfect wedding, anyway. This is because it is the little details that give weddings their wow factor, and how memorable is a wedding that doesn’t have a wow factor, really?

And there are a whole of host of little details to remember. One of such — that is more often than not forgotten by brides to be — is the need to make sure ALL the photos are perfect. Yes, you’ve probably given great precedence to your wedding photos and brought in the best professional photographer you could find. But it’s not just the photos of the wedding party, or the ones taken outside the church, that are important. No, photos that are taken of the dress before it is worn, for instance, are just as important too. And to make sure this particular photo is perfect, you shouldn’t forget the little detail that is making sure your wedding dress is hanging on something pretty. Well, you’ve gone through all the trouble of picking a beautiful dress for the special occasion — you don’t want run-of-the-mill wire or plastic hangers to ruin the photos you take of it, do you? So, to combat such a nightmare, make sure to pack a pretty, velvety hanger!

Don’t be selfish in regards to the location

Yes, your wedding day is one of the only days you’ll get in your entire life to be selfish. And because of this, yes, you should in fact be very selfish for the most part of the planning of it and the day itself. However, as controversial as this may sound, being the bride or groom doesn’t mean you are granted the right to be 100% selfish. It doesn’t mean the day is just about you; it’s about your guests too, and they deserve to be included in any plans you make.

And one of the most important areas of wedding planning that your guests should figure into when the plans are being drawn up is the location of it. Specifically, when choosing what city, country or even continent you’ll be getting married in, you have to remember that some guests may not have the time, health or funds to be able to follow you to wherever you go. Some guests may have work or children commitments. Some may not be medically cleared to fly or travel for long distances. And some may not have enough in the bank to be able to justify paying for plane and hotel expenses. And you simply have to keep these things in mind. If you don’t, then you may find not even half of those on the invitation list turn up. To combat such a problem — if jetting off to some of the world’s most beautiful wedding locations for your wedding is your plan — then why not do so but have another party or reception when back home? That way, you can have the perfect wedding in the location of your dreams, yet still include any guests that couldn’t join you in your big celebration.

Keep a track of your spend

Spending on a wedding is good because it shows effort on your part to make the day special for all those involved and invited. But going overboard on spending can bring about difficult circumstances. It can bring about difficult circumstances in regards to not being able to afford things that your wedding needs. And it can bring about difficult circumstances in regards to your life after the wedding as a married couple. So, make sure you keep a track of your spending! Make sure to budget and find cheaper alternatives to certain things, such as decorations, when you can. And make sure that the bar man at the reception knows exactly how long the free bar tab will be open for.

But you don’t just have to budget and keep a tight grip on your wedding expenditure; borrowing is a genuine and helpful tool in your quest to keep a track of your spend too. This could mean borrowing in the form of asking loved ones, such as parents, for financial help. Or it could mean borrowing in the form of taking out online unsecured loans. No matter what route you take, just remember that anything you do borrow for your wedding will follow you into married life. If you don’t want the pressure of having to pay back in a timely fashion during your time as a newlywed, then ask a loved one for help. Or if you are willing to dedicate yourself to a monthly repayment plan at this time, then take out a loan. Just remember, whatever route you choose to take, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

So, now you’ve read tips above, remember to remember them when you come to planning your wedding! If you do, you might just have the perfect wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.


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