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Travel: The UK Edition

Travel: The UK Edition

When we talk about travel, the suggestions usually involve some road trip around the states or an exotic holiday on some distant, sun-soaked island. A place people rarely cite as being the hub of great travel destinations is the United Kingdom. But the UK offers a whole heap of culture, both modern and ancient, throughout Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland. There’s so much to see here, in fact, that it couldn’t possibly be covered in one visit. Nonetheless, if you are curious as to why you’d possibly want to take a trip to places around the UK (even if you actually live somewhere in the UK), then here are a few travel ideas which might just change any false conceptions you have about this diverse, beautiful, yet very compact place.

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Edinburgh, Scotland.

This city is absolutely stunning. Pictured above is the Edinburgh Museum, which plays host to exhibits holding ancient artifacts from medieval eras and slightly more modern relics such as the first iPhone. The building itself is a spectacular sight, and this is just one of many things that this fantastic Scottish city has to offer.

Based in a hilly setting, you’ll experience many steep, gorgeous cobbled streets (you don’t have to walk up all of them) and many fantastic natural views interwoven with the concrete city setting. You should really do some research into things to do in the countryside whilst you’re there because there’s a never-ending array of both stunning walks and city-based activities to do within the centre of Edinburgh. As we’ve discussed before, lots of exciting events come to this highly popular city, such as food and fashion spectacles.

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Manchester, England.

You might’ve expected to see London as the suggestion for the best city to visit in England, but let’s be a little more original than that. The capital is a fantastic place to visit and there’s no doubt about that, but Manchester is quickly becoming one of the best new cultural hubs to visit in England. Why? Because the scene is expanding up here in the north and that means it’s full of a lot more life and activity than the southern capital. At night, the city really comes alive. There’s everything from escape rooms to junkyard golf to bars serving cocktails in chemical flasks (The Alchemist). There’s really a lot to see.

Roman Baths, England.

One last thing you really must see in England is the Roman Baths. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; when you see a slice of ancient history such as Roman history, it really makes you stop and stare. There’s something very awe-inspiring about the things the Roman left behind, even if their story is a little bloody, brutal, and perhaps not quite as awe-inspiring. You can still see things such as how bathing worked back in the 19th century as well as the incredible architecture the Romans left behind. The Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath house; it’s all absolutely stunning.


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