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4 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should Be A Tour Of The Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean is an area of Europe that’s extremely popular amongst travellers. People will often go on backpacking tours across the Mediterranean coast, and I can see why. There are loads of great reasons to do this, and I’ve listed the best ones in this piece, to convince you it’s worth the effort:

So Many Cool Countries To Visit

The main reason you should travel to the Mediterranean is that there are so many cool countries to visit. As the map on www.worldatlas.com shows, there are almost too many countries to choose from. You’ve got your popular destinations like France, Spain, Italy, and Croatia. Then, you have lots of hidden gems and beautiful places like Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bosnia. If you have time, you should try and visit all the coastal countries in the European Mediterranean. Take some time to explore the countries you know less about, and you’ll be amazed at what you see/find.

Amazing Places To Stay

As well as seeing so many great countries, you also have a plethora of amazing places to stay every night. When you tour the coastline, you get to stay in places with amazing views of the sea and beaches. A quick look on www.interhome.co.uk will show you all the amazing Spanish apartments, Italian townhouses, and Greek villas that you can enjoy during your trip. The great thing is, there;s value to be found everywhere too. So, you get the amazing experience of staying in a beautiful coastal accommodation, without having to spend too much.

Incredible Climate

One of the best things about this area of the world is the climate. All Mediterranean countries are blessed with gorgeous weather, particularly during the summer months. The sky is blue, the sea is clear, and the sun will be beating down on you. It’s utter paradise. Imagine a typical sunny holiday, only you get to experience it every day in lots of different countries.

Wonderful Food

Finally, this area of Europe plays host to a handful of the world’s best food. You have Italian food, French food, Spanish food, Greek food – the list goes on and on. Essentially, if you made a list of the top ten cuisines in the world, the majority of that list is in the Mediterranean. You’ll never go hungry on this holiday, every day will provide a new mouthful of gorgeous flavours that make your taste buds do backflips as you watch the sunset.

I’ll round this off by saying one last thing; this type of holiday is different! It’s something you probably haven’t done before, and it’s not something most people can claim to have done. Sure, people backpack around Europe or go interrailing all the time. But, to actually make your way along the Mediterranean coast is excitingly different. If you fancy a new challenge and a change from the normal travel experience, why not give this a go? You’ve seen all the amazing reasons to do it, now start planning and saving ready for summer next year!


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