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Are You Missing Out On Flight Compensation?

Are You Missing Out On Flight Compensation?


Did you know you have the right to claim  flight compensation on delayed or cancelled flights?

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There have been so many flights that I’ve had delayed. Like the time waiting due to bad weather in France and then waiting for more than a few DAYS in Spain. Yet I still didn’t know I could cash out on them with Flight Compensation.

Have I been living under a rock?!?

We need to know about these services given the times are changing. Have you been Stung by Ryanair cancelled flights this month? It’s hard to tell the future of some airlines and you truly never know what can happen.

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How do I claim my money back?

Flight Delay Claims 4 u make it easy for you to check instantly online if your are entitled to flight compensation. They handle the claim for you so you can relax and wait for your money back! They are experts in knowing the rights of passengers and European Regulations. 

Their website is quick and easy to use. It’s also easy to see exactly what your are entitled to for your compensation.

There’s nothing worse then a website with lack of information. Their website even tells you what to expect in terms of flight compensation too!

The team behind Flight Delay Claims 4 u are based in Manchester and pride themselves on being hassle free and giving excellent customer service, it’s always nice speaking to a local team!

So,  maybe your going away to escape the cold weather for some sunshine in the canaries or visiting the xmas markets across Europe remember your right!








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