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Plus Size? The True Meaning

What is Plus Size: Confident? Overweight? Curvy? Fat? Beautiful? Ugly?

These are just a few words that are used to describe women who are labelled Plus Size.

Now more than ever Plus Size fashion is being recognised both on the high street and finally now on the catwalk!

Lets not shy away from the controversy its created. It’s been amazing seeing people’s confidence grow as the industry does but the increased awareness certainly brings negativity.

PLus Size Dress

But what exactly does being plus size mean?

According to The Sun 45% of UK women are size 16, which is now the average size in the UK, but does that mean your officially Plus Size?

It can be perceived as being “fat” or “chubby” but to others can be perceived as being curvy, after all people come in different shapes and sizes. This brings us onto the issue of being overweight or obese. Often being plus size can be linked to this without thinking outside of the box.

GP’s measure your ideal weight by BMI however over 60% of the UK are overweight and do not fit into their correct BMI (personally I think it needs updating).For example rugby players or those with wider frames or muscle. They are considered obese on the BMI however they are healthy, we need a happy medium. Being plus size can make people assume your unhealthy however the spectrum in big. If we go back to the fact that 60% of the UK market are overweight then surely they are wearing larger clothes and that ties in with the increased plus size ranges we are seeing pop up.

Please do not think I am promoting being obese or overweight. We all have our struggles and it is proven that obesity can cause health problems. I have my own struggle with PCOS and am working on my own lifestyle change with The Fit Mumma.

My personal opinion is that you can still be beautiful no matter what size you are, everyone is beautiful.

What Size Is Plus Size?

There is no right and wrong answer to this. Many people think it’s a size 14 as it was in the past. Some say 16 and some say 18.

The Curve Fashion Festival showcases plus size clothing for curvy girls of all shapes and sizes. It saw high street brands and independent labels that start at all different sizes. New Look starts at size 18 for example, where as Simply Be, the well established high street store dedicated to Plus Size starts at size 12.

There many smaller brands that provide plus size clothes and many specialist brands that provide tailor made clothes.

The Curve Fashion Festival this year showed the diversity in different curvy ranges from classic, smart looks, to trendy and 50’s which was a popular trend. It was a great to see so many confident women and unique brands providing a mixture of looks available for everyone to choose from


One of my favourite dressed was Louise from Curvy Belle who wore her “matilda” dress from her range and won best dressed from the event!  they have so many dresses to choose from for all occasions and perfect for curvy women of all sizes 14 to 24. Since the event they have seen a rapid increase in the demand of plus size ladies loving the 50’s trend and the best thing about them in the quality!

Curvy belle



Quality and price of clothes

Fat tax. Heard of that yet? Yes, it certainly exists and brands are getting called out more and more for exploiting the plus size community. It would be understood on the catwalk as your pay for the material but for brands such a boohoo and misguided to charge more because of the label “plus” or “curve” is not fair. It adds more insecurity and shame to those wanting to buy these clothes and should not be accepted.

In addition to his the quality of the clothes of these brands that are adding larger sizes to their brands are often cheap and of poor quality. Why should the large sizes be any different in price and quality? Brands should ask themselves what are they really achieving from this? For me, it puts me off wanting to buy from these brands and I would prefer to spend my money elsewhere.

To round off, what is my personal opinion on how it feels to be plus size?

Now more than ever I am more confident to be curvy. I am still on a lifestyle change to be more healthier however I do not want to loose drastic weight. More brands are creating good choice and quality clothes and more plus size models are being seen in the media it is increasing my confidence to talk about how I feel and to show off my clothes!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have any of these struggles and want to chat feel free to contact me!


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