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Dazzling Destinations For Your Next Staycation

Don’t worry if you can’t afford a holiday abroad right now. Why not just go on a staycation?

The dictionary defines a ‘staycation’ as “a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad” so, as you can see, they tend to work out a lot cheaper than planning a European break or one further afield. After all, you don’t have to pay for expensive flights and risk losing any cash by changing currencies. And let’s not forget that arranging a holiday in your home country and in your own language is so simple!

So, are you ready to plan a staycation? If you have already thought about this, then you will have certainly thought about where to visit. Too many options to choose from? Hopefully, this list of the UK’s best staycation locations can make the choice slightly easier for you.

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One of the most obvious options you have is London. The capital city is chockablock with culture and history, so there is no way you will ever run out of things to do. From taking a ride on the London Eye to exploring the various turrets and dungeons in the Tower of London, boredom certainly isn’t an option in this city! And it is also a great city for food too. No matter what type of cuisine you want to try, you will definitely be able to find it. If you want to sample lots of food from around the world, spend a lunchtime browsing the eclectic selection at the street food market on the South Bank.

Lake District


The Lake District

Another really popular UK holiday destination, the Lake District is a hotspot for walkers, hikers, and anyone who loves the great outdoors. As this is such a huge area in the north west, there are a few different towns and villages you can stay at. For instance, the village of Grasmere is popular as it is close to Grasmere Water and Dove Cottage, the former home of poet William Wordsworth. Ambleside is another great place to stay as it is close to lots of walking trails and Bridge House, a popular National Trust property.




Rutland is the smallest county in the UK, and not everyone’s first idea of a great place to visit! But there are loads of reasons why you should consider this pretty little country for your next staycation. You can visit the pretty Rutland Water, a large lake that is known for its fantastic birdwatching opportunities and stunning landscapes. There are lots of hotels at Rutland water, each of which is within easy reach of all the nearby towns. Grimsthorpe Castle Park and Gardens are also located in Rutland – you can easily spend a whole day exploring the various throne rooms and medieval bedrooms.




Northumberland is such a pretty country, and there are lots of gorgeous villages and towns waiting to welcome you. It’s also a good option if you want to experience some cosmopolitan city life as the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne is never far away. As it has a coastline, there are also some great beaches you can visit! But just bear in mind that the North Sea isn’t ever that warm, so your feet might get a bit chilly if you go for a paddle! The little town of Alnwick makes for a great day out, and you can visit the large castle that has been used as a location in many films, including the Harry Potter series and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.




Right down in the southwest of the UK, Cornwall is a coastal county that is known for its bracing beaches and excellent watersport opportunities. It’s also where you’ll find the Eden Project, which is made up of two biomes that contain hundreds of plants and flowers from all over the world. Each biome has a regulated climate so that the diverse selection of flora is able to grow in the UK. It’s a nice idea to book a few nights in the cornish town of St. Ives. This is an especially good base for any art lovers as the Tate St. Ives is there. You can also visit the town’s Minack Theatre, which is an outdoor amphitheatre right on the coast with some awesome sea views.

So, are you ready to pack your bags and explore some of the UK? As you can see, there are lots of great places all over our little island! Let me know where you go; I’d love to hear about it!


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