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Europe Essentials: The 5 Country Trip You Need To Take

Europe Essentials: The 5 Country Trip You Need To Take



When it comes to travelling, it’s highly likely that everyone will have their personal hit-list of things that they want to get ticked off. And that’s understandable. Some will want to jet off to Bali and spend a week in seclusion, and others will want to explore among the hustle and bustle of Budapest. But one thing’s for sure, no matter what kind of person you are, or what you want to get our of your travel experiences, you should definitely be thinking about making the most of Europe. After all, it’s so close! If you’ve never really seen much of Europe, then you’re going to want to start off with this five-country trip!


It’s safe to say that Greece has definitely earned its place in the list. Greece is such a beautiful country with such a warm and friendly culture. The people definitely make the Greek experience what it is. Whether you choose to see Athens or go island hopping around some of the most beautiful spaces, one thing’s for sure, you’ll get to take in a lot of sights. And you’ll definitely find yourself Greek dancing once or twice! And you should always say a huge Yamas! to that idea!




From one of Europe’s warmest countries to another, you should also think about seeing a few different sides to Spain while in Europe too. Of all the most exciting sides to seeing Spain is all of the different mini-cultures, you can come across. It’s safe to say that heading to the north of the country is completely different to be on one of the southern coastal resorts. And again, you’ll experience something different in the major cities too. So you have to see them all!




Then, you should definitely move on to France. Here’s, you’ll find an incredible change of culture once again. Less warm than the latter two, but still just as exciting, when in France, there’s always one destination you should aim to see first. Because Paris is always a good idea. Explore the museums and galleries, sit and enjoy pain aux cafe and enjoy the atmosphere. Then, you should head out to the countryside, particularly the champagne region, to see the quite side of the country too.




If you love food, friendly people, and an infectious atmosphere, head to Italy next. Whether you choose to see one of the major cities such as Rome to see the famous sights, or you want to be able to explore the Tuscan countryside, think about doing it all. Because, again, you’ll see a different side the country with each visit.




And finally, you should look to finish off with a spot of skiing. Because Europe has some of the best skiing resorts in the world, especially in Switzerland and no travel experience is complete without it. Although you can technically enjoy a skiing spot across a range of countries when it comes to The Alps, the Swiss Alps offer some of the most incredible resorts complete with dining and shopping experiences too.

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