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A Bloggers Breakfast At LUSH Newcastle

A Bloggers Breakfast at LUSH was a date in my diary for over 1 week and boy did it drag!

I was so excited to be invited and get a sneek peek into the new LUSH products for Halloween and Christmas.Lush Newcastle

Arriving at 8 am meant the shop was empty and ready for us Bloggers to enjoy the event while having breakfast. Of course LUSH is not boring and neither was its breakfast. We had breakfast pizza to choose from and a range of juices whilst being split into 3 teams and sent to explore different workshops to explore the lush products.

LUSH Face and Body

My team explored the naked shower gels which appear likes soaps and the naked body conditioners! As always they smelled lovely and are designed to last longer and provide extra moisture. We then moved on to explore the soaps. All of them looking edible we were shown the new soaps added to the collection. The Christmas Rocker was a favourite of mine but I opted for the bright green Christmas Citrus….do I really need to say what smells like???

LUSH Newcastle


The most impressive new products in my opinion were the Naked lip tints. One in purple which goes on a lively light pink and the black one surprised me. I went on a deep pink and latest all day! Such a good lip stain and who would have thought. Another little beauty was the Lip Block in “shades of frankincense & myrrh”. A perfect glitter highlight, eyeshadow and lipstick!

LUSH newcastle

LUSH Bath Bombs and Bubble bars

For the next part we visited the ladies at the bath bomb section. For me, that’s the favourite part of LUSH but this event showed me so much more than I was expecting! Of course Snow fairy is back for xmas but this time they have it in a jelly bomb! yes jelly bomb you heard right! these are new in and there’s plenty to choice from.

lush newcastle

They act and look the same as a bath bomb but create a spongy foam layer when the bubbles are formed which can be rubbed into the skin for added moisture. Some of them can be slimy and perfect for Halloween. Another favourite for Halloween is the Bewitched bubble bar which turned your bath BLACK!

LUSH Workshop: Making your on Bubble Bar

lush newcastle

This had to be the best part of the event. Certainly the most hands on part and the most fun. This part of the event allowed us to see the “cooking” of the products and how similar to baking it is. It was great to see how enthusiastic the staff were and they really love working for LUSH. This is the finished product.

lush newcastle





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