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Power Dressing with Intu Metrocentre

Power Dressing never gets old!

Intu POwer dressing style event

Intu Metrocentre invited me to their AW17 Style Event. It was a small intimate event and held in the Zizzi restaurant in the yellow mall.

The event was held upstairs and the tables were beautifully presented with nibbles and gift bags. I’ve never eaten at Zizzi’s before but after this event in definitely going back.

Part 1: The Crafthood

The event was very well planned out, first we were lead by the lovely ladies at The Crafthood who helped us design our own make up bags and learn the art of using stamping on canvas. That’s sounds easy right…. well it’s not!

It really had us in pits of laughter and it was extremely fun! A great way of bringing out your creative side. The ladies were so nice and they hold loads of different workshops as well as provide services such a personalised gifts and bespoke finishing touches! I think its a great idea for a birthday or even hen do!  I wanted to keep my make up bag classic and simple but caved at the end and added a huge pointless symbol thinking it would look cool but it didn’t! haha

Make up bag from power dressing event

Part 2: Power Dressing: The History

After this we sat at the prepared tables and had our first of 2 talks given by the extremely talented and wonderful costume historian Meredith Towne. she was joined by her mum to talk to us about Power Dressing and boy was it a powerful talk.

To understand the basics of power dressing we had to go back and familiarise ourselves with how gender has influenced fashion from the very start. Meredith was such a fountain of knowledge and showed us some of the most powerful woman from all over the globe an took us back in time to discuss the role of men and woman. It did feel almost like a speech on feminism but how could it not have been that considering the subject. Meredith had lots of materials with her that we could look at and see.

We broke to have some fresh pizza’s and to touch up our make up bags and went back for the second half of Meredith’s fashion talk. Meredith made such a good point, that all of these “new” trends are not actually new at all. If we look back in time have been around a very long time just with a different twist.

Part 2: Power Dressing: The Trends

For example, big shoulders are now back in, the tailored suit for the woman, and that of course is inspired by the men’s suit. Designed to give a more powerful appearance and show men that we are equal, in fact, the bigger the should pads the more powerful you are. But on the flip side of that, I’m 4ft 11 and plus size so,  of course a suit does not flatter me at all! We spoke about the options we have within fashion and how versatile styles are these days. We also mentioned another huge trend this month the colour red! what a statement colour and one of power. I love red this season.


Another fave part of mine was talking about print and fashion and how different pattern’s can symbolise money or the tribe your from and is a huge statement to be wearing on a world platform. I really could go on and on about this talk.  It was mesmerising and I came away feeling empowered and wanted everyone to see Meredith’s talk! You have to find where she is going to be talking and go along you will love it!

Overall I Loved this event, I prefer the small events, everyone has the time to have good conversations and a good old laugh! Can’t wait for more Intu Metrocentre events!







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