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Meat Stack: Launch The Best Burgers In The Toon!

Last week I joined the other NEBloggers for burgers at the re launch of Meat:Stack.

Meat Stack

Meat Stack formally known as The Grind is located in the stylish late bar No.28. This was the first time I had been to Meat Stack OR No.28. I do not know what took me so long because this is my kinda place!

The bar is beautiful and you would not in a million years think its above the Grainger market.

glitterball Meat Stack

The Burgers

Meat Stack have kept it simple yet delicious. The menu has a great selection of burgers even for veggies. My eyes were bigger than my belly as always and I went for the triple buffalo….believe me…it was amazing. I couldn’t’ finish it.

Burgers Meat Stack

The burgers are all made with brioche buns and I have to say it wasn’t until this year when I turned 30 that I actually ate a burger with bread. I don’t normally like bread but I love good birche bun and these are delicious.

The Sides

We tried the beef dripping fries an I was mega impressed they were lovely but my mind was blown when we were given the Dog Hot Fries! THEY ARE AMAZING! To be honest when you read what they are on the menu I wouldn’t have normally gone for them but now I’m going back for them!

hot dog fries with the burgers at Meat Stack

Finally we tried the Legendary Buffalo Wings which had a very unusual sauce on them, some loved them and some didn’t, I thought they were really nice, a little spicy but a good spice that you can handle. I would deffo order them again.

So, what about the price?

burger meat stack

For me, I think the price is important, I would go back again for the “best” burgers in town but not so often if they cost 20 quid a burger if you know what I mean. Meat Stack have amazing prices and on top of that they have deals Monday to Thursday. You can get your hands on ANY burger with fries and wings for only £10. I swear on the blog post you will not regret this! I know it’s a bold statement but trust me! In the words of Laura Dawson  “The BEST Burgers in town”.

If you LOVE burgers and wanna see more places in Newcastle that do amazing burgers then click here: https://gemmaslittleworld.com/2017/04/03/smashburger-newcastle-upon-tyne/





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