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Not just any flowers…these are Freddies Flowers

Last week I was gifted these beautiful flowers and they are still going strong.

freddies flowers


Freddie Garland is the man behind the brand and offers a service that delivers flowerfull packages to your home monthly…think subscription box but with flowers.

What makes this difference to a normal florist?

The difference with these packages are that they are picked by Freddie each month and you don’t know what will arrive at your door. What’s for sure is that the flowers you will get will be unique and stunning collaborations.

For example these gorgeous Anigozanthos I was gifted this month. Perfect for Autumn. These are very unusual yet visually stunning!

With each box you receive you will get clear instructions on how to care for, as well as a guide to tell you exactly how to arrange them.

This way your Instagram picture will fool your followers into believing you know what your doing haha.

I love the idea of this, an unexpected delivery each month and such perfect backdrops for your rooms.

Red Lillies flowers

You could also give them as the perfect gift for someone. There’s always a time of year for gifting someone something nice. There is no better feeling hen getting a bunch of flowers from someone to cheer your day up. For me it’s even the little things like sitting watching the TV with candles and flowers in the backdrop.

If you use my code GLWFF10 you can get 50% off for the first two months from £22 per month. That means you’ll only pay £11 for the top of the range flowers delivered directly to your door!

Freddie has his own blog too if your interested in learning more about his top picks and inspiration the head over: https://blog.freddiesflowers.com/










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