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Carbs and Cocktails: The Laundrette Arrives In Newcastle!

It’s been almost a month since The Laundrette opened it’s doors in Newcastle’s city centre.

carbs and cocktails the laundrette

So many people have been asking have you been? what’s it like? Well, here’s my opinion.

When I walked in immediately the staff were amazing. Some people ask me, how do I know that is genuine when I’m there to review? but the fact is they did not know who I was when I was walking through the door yet they were lovely.

the laundrette neon sign

The Laundrette attracts all walks of life, and it’s hard not to considering its neon bright lights and gorgeous bar and interior. Its the perfect place for a date night or drinks with the girls.

The Laundrette: Cocktails

The most popular cocktail of them all is The Laundrette Toon Tiple: Simply an espresso martini with a twist. A Brown Ale local twist and it is delicious.

The cocktails are great for pictures and certainly lets you know which bar your in! The Laundrette have great ideas with their cocktails and have a great variation including added Candy Floss and Bananas!

The Laundrette: Food

Well this is the most important part isn’t it. As you can guess The Laundrette slogan is Carbs and Cocktails and they get it spot on! The 2 things on the menu you HAVE to try is the most amazing (best ever) macaroni cheese. Made with cheddar cheese that is stringy!!!!

The Laundrette Macaroni cheese

This is no ordinary mac and cheese, in fact, I was persuaded to try because I’m normally put off by fake cheese sauce but this is the real deal!

And then there is the Truffle fries…I may be bold and say the ONLY place in Newcastle you an get truffle fries so there no competition. I had the steak and it was lovely but we also tried the pizza and they were freshly made in the stone pizza oven they have and it was lovely as far as pizzas go. I’m not a huge pizza fan as you may gather. It was certainly a carb overload but in an excellent, send me to bed I’m full, kinda way! Truly satisfying.

The Laundrette Pizza

The Laundrette: Price

The price varies for the food and there are so many offers on during the week. The cocktails are not cheap but are great, I mean where else can you buy a Toon tipple.

The Laundrette has certainly stamped its presence in the restaurant and bar scene in Newcastle. especially with all of the new places to go and eat it’s location is perfect and the food follows as being up there in my opinion. you MUST go and try this out! Go online to look at their menu.




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