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Gift Guide 2017: Top Picks for Woman Over 50

To be totally honest, the picks I’ve chosen for this gift guide are things I’d love to buy myself! But on the whole, I do find it difficult to buy for the older woman and it can be hard to put myself in their shoes and think about it.

gift guide 2017: Body Scrub

Simply because I feel most woman that age have a lot of things and gifts are less important rather than spending time with loved ones at Christmas.

No matter how old we are, as a woman we enjoy the same things, but some things are more tailored to suit an audience better than others.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty: Compact Duo

gift guide 2017: joan collins

This powder and lipstick is perfect for the glamourous older lady who loves the timeless Joan Collins look. You cannot go wrong with a classic red lip and its guaranteed to never go out of fashion. I also think a red lipstick goes well on any woman! I’m going to be wearing my trusted red lippie till I’m 90! But you can get this in 8 different shades of lip colours so again suitable for all woman if the classic red lip is not your thing. The packaging is beautiful too and gives a true glam luxury feel with an added mirror. Perfect to put in your handbag and go!

Gift Guide 2017

Bio-Essence: 24K Bio-Gold Day Cream


So many people are scared to buy creams and skincare for other people but with this cream you cannot go wrong. Any age can use this and men too! Infused with 24K gold which is a anti -oxidant that blocks things that will make you skin age. Therefore a great cream for anti aging. the entire range aims to protect skin from and defy ages of aging, fine lines and wrinkles and will leave it refreshed and youthful looking. It also has a SPF 25 which means you can wear it all year round. You can pick this up exclusively at Superdrug with currently 1/3 off!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty: Dry oil Body Polish

dry oil joan collins gift guide 2017

First of all, this smells heavenly, and secondly this will leave your skin feeling brand new and soft for days. this product is perfect for achieving that winter glow. You can see it contains bath salts which are mixed with a range of oils. The salt is Himalayan salt with oils such as rosehip and avocado….yes avocado oil. These oils ill nourish and detoxify you skin leaving it feeling brand new.

Olverum: Luxury Bath Oil

olverum bath oils



Magic in a bottle! There’s nothing more a woman needs then a little bit of luxury and this gift guide loves luxury. This is the perfect set of oils to leave you feeling like a new woman. Can you tell I love a good bath ha. I know I’m not the only one and these set of aromatic essential oils will help to relax tension and aimed to give the perfect nights sleep. Olverum has survived for years off word of mouth which speaks volumes for a brand.  Olverum was described as bath nirvana by the Sunday Times Style Magazine. A little goes a long way, for £29.00 you will get 125ml which should last you 25 baths, and for a 250ml/£53 you will get an incredible 50 baths. I have the travel set which is beautiful and contains 3 different oils, enough for 9 baths and only £19.

Joan Collins: Timeless Beauty: Eau De Perfume

joan colline eau de perfume

Perfume is a very personal thing yet a favourite gift to buy each other. It is also very difficult to show someone a perfume over a computer but this perfume does boast a citrus and musk smell and scent perfect for a woman. The perfume is paraben free and promises to have lasting staying power. 12 mls is only £5, the perfect little gift on its own or as a stocking filler.

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  1. Jane
    27/11/2017 / 8:22 pm

    As a woman in her 50’s I would love to get any of these gifts, the compact thing looks so classy.

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