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Top Tips On Maximizing Your Travel Time

top tips how to maximise your travel time

Top Tips On Maximizing Your Travel Time

You’ve finally managed to book some time off work, convinced your parents or significant other to let you go travelling, and you’re looking up all the dazzling destinations you’ve dreamed of going to, when you become overwhelmed that there might not be enough time to fit everything in that you want to do. You’ve used up your entire holiday allowance so you can’t book more time off, and you can’t bring yourself to cross anything off the list even though it looks like you won’t be sleeping for the entirety of the trip.

top tips how to maximise your travel time


What can you do? Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of your travelling time without crossing out any dream activity or city.



The most hated idea of your teenage life actually becomes the most useful tool for adult life. Plan out your time. If you have seven countries you want to visit, plot out your map and see how much time you can realistically spend in each destination before having to move on. Prioritise longer time periods for cities where there are lots you want to do, rather than cities you would just like to explore. That way you avoid disappointment by running out of time. Also, when you know how much time you’re spending at each destination, you are less likely to waste time deciding what to do, and are more likely to go with the flow and have a spontaneous adventure.


Pre-book Travel

Alongside the above point, be sure to plan how you are getting from country to country. Save time by looking at options like overnight cruising or an overnight train, so that you can sleep whilst you’re travelling. This will also save money on a hostel or hotel for the night, as you are killing two birds with one stone. You also get the added adventure of waking up, renewed and refreshed, in a brand new city (or even country) with so many possibilities before you.


Research Where To Eat

Have you ever noticed how long it takes a person to decide on where to eat? Knowing somewhere near where you’re staying that is definitely going to offer something you like, at an affordable price, is going to be a big time saver. Especially if you suffer with any allergies, are vegan or vegetarian. Take the time to plan out some options. Which restaurants have good reviews from other travellers, and are you looking to sample the local cuisine or stick to your tried and tested favourites? By doing thorough research, you also diminish the risk of going to the wrong place and spending the next two days locked up in the bathroom.


Plan Currency

The exchange rate for each country you visit may be different, and you don’t want to waste your valuable exploring time queuing up, only to pay above market rate for your currency. Plan your monetary needs depending on where you’re staying and for how long. By having all your cash exchanged in advance, you save yourself time and money. Just make sure it’s well hidden.


If you couldn’t tell already, the key to getting the most from your holiday is to plan, plan, plan. It may take a chunk out of some of your evenings, but it will pay dividends when you factor in how smoothly your whole holiday goes.


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