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Chemist 4U: Ordered Online and Delivered to Your Door

Avoid the busy stores this Christmas and shop your Chemist and goods online direct to your door!

chemist 4 u package

We all hate going out in the cold. Don’t even get me started with Christmas shopping, crowds and then finding it’s out of stock once your sweated out half your weight! Great if your looking for a workout haha!

Chemist 4u are committed to making your life easier and providing an effective delivery system that s reliable and on time.


Chemist 4u recognise that people have different medical needs and not everyone is able to get out of the house. Even more so at the time of year. They are one of the largest UK’s mail order and online service.

For me, the reason I love this service is conditions you may not want to talk about in store. there are many times I’ve been buying embarrassing products at a counter. Its hard when there’s a queue waiting and listening in. Chemist 4u avoids the embarrassment!


face wipes an eye patches

They have so much available you could browse for days! I managed to pick up my fave products including my all time fave spray on moisturiser by Vaseline and face wipes by Simple.

They do great gift sets and perfume too! All prices and brands, I picked up this Ted baker perfume to wear at work and it was a great deal too!

Ted Baker perfume

Chemist 4u:Bargains

bargains Chemist 4u

They do great offer too! I picked up these easy eye masks to wear before a big night out only £4.99 and they even have a 99p Section! It covers basic necessities you need in everyday life. AND it also have some extra little surprises at 99p deals too! I even picked up this razor and it was only £4.99 which is incredibly cheap to have 2 blades also.




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