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South of France for Summer 2018

I’ve been lucky enough to have travel a fair few countries and to pick my favourite holiday or destination is a hard task but France is well up there as a fave!

For me, holidays are to make memories so that you can sit and reminisce and laugh about them years later!

My most memorable holiday this year has been my visit to the South of France and somewhere I instantly knew I’d be going back to. And soon!

South of France marina

Me and my partner joined my family from all over the world in the small town of Sanary-Sur-Mer for a week of relaxation, amazing food and laughs!

The South of France is very accessible with cheap flights from many UK airports including Newcastle. Once your their they have excellent transport links making it easy to travel up and down the coast and make the most of your trip.

We stayed in a Villa in the South of France.

The South of France is home to many villas you can choose to spend the summer in. The South of France has a taste of Luxury so why not stay in it half your there for half the price! It is the hotspot for the rich and famous but affordable for Brits travelling Europe and has plenty to offer for all budgets.

The South of France is well known for its luxury resorts such as Cannes and St Tropez however ideal for city breaks too! Depending on your budget will also depend on what time of year you go too so be sure to check out events happening in the area before you travel.

During our holiday we were lucky enough to visit Toulon and Marseille as well as hitting the jackpot of the Sanary Rose Festival in the town we were staying. The Rose festival happens once a year and attractions thousands of locals to the area! It was fab, the streets were full of busy and brought a great atmosphere to the town! There was singing, dancing and drinking the best Rose around!


South of France: Toulon

We decided last minute to take advantage of the rail systems and hop on a train to Toulon for a day of shopping and sight seeing. Toulon is truly beautiful and home t beautiful harbour including the military harbour and maritime museum. The town has regular markets scattered throughout the old streets and shades you away from the sun and into the great atmosphere of hustle and bustle!

The perfect place for an ice cream and some seafood by the harbour overlooking to sunset! I was blown away with the beauty of this town, the buildings date back before the war and although it was heavily bombed, the buildings that survived are astonishing!

South of France: Marseille

Our next trip was to Marseille. The largest city on the Southern Coast known to the ancient Greeks and romans and now the most important trading centre in the region. We started at Palais Longchaps built in 1839 and home to the natural history museum. It was truly magnificent, we soon realised that we needed more than 1 day to explore all we wanted.

We walked down to the port through the city and ventured into the cafes and bakeries along the way. Then we ventured through the old town and gazed at more buildings and had a taste of the true diversity of the city. We went on the big wheel which took us high above to see the true size of the city and we were able to see the castles and Notre Dame De la Garde at the top of the Hill!


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