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Thinking about incentive travel and where it should take you next

Whether you work for a demanding company, or you freelance and are your own boss, keeping engaged, inspired and motivated at work, day in, day out, is essential to get tasks done to the best of your abilities. Incentive travel, which involves visiting exciting and inspiring destinations, can provide a great way to do just that.

So what exactly is incentive travel, how does it work and what destinations should you think about visiting? This blog explains and looks at some inspiring places to include in your travelling plans for 2018.

An introduction to incentive travel

Incentive travel involves travelling to see top destinations the world over as a way to engage, inspire and motivate. Incentive companies, like Corporate Rewards Events, provide businesses with exciting trips to help motivate their staff for the challenges that might lie ahead, or reward them with bulk ammo for the hard work they’ve already done. But the technique can work for anyone in business, from employees to the self-employed, to push them to work harder and reward their own achievements too. There are many wonderful places to visit – some far away and others closer to home, some hot and some in colder climates. But all equally exciting and inspiring. Here are four to consider.

Somewhere near – Mayrhofen, Austria

This Beautiful town in West Austria’s Zillertal Valley is famous for skiing, but there is more to this destination than slopes, skis and snowboarding. And, with a flight time of little over two hours, it’s definitely worth making part of your incentive travel plans. You could take a cable car up Penken Mountain, or venture out on a mountain scooter if you’re feeling adventurous. For a more relaxing experience, you could hike along the Alpine Road or take in the views of the spectacular Zillertal Alps. You could also end your days in the great outdoor with a traditional barn night for an evening of Austrian music and dance.

Somewhere far – Hong Kong

It might be the city with the world’s most skyscrapers, but this sprawling metropolis in southeast China has so much more to offer than an impressive skyline. If you’re looking to visit a long-haul destination. You could take a tram ride to the top of Victoria Peak or a glass-bottom gondola to see the awe-inspiring bronze Big Buddha statue. You could visit one of the city’s many inspiring historic temples, or see mesmerising sights like the gold-painted buddhas of the 10,000 Buddhas monastery. Then treat yourself to the classic taste of China with some dim sum at a traditional street market.

Somewhere hot – Malta

incentive travel malta

This small Mediterranean island, with its high historic forts and deep crystal clear waters, has so much to offer when it comes to inspiring trips for your incentive travel. You could visit the beautiful capital of Valetta and walk, high, alongside its historic walls. Or go underground to explore the island’s catacombs and prehistoric temples. You could take a speed boat to see the famous Popeye Village, or treat yourself to boat trips see the stunning sea caverns of the Blue Grotto and the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

Somewhere cold – Tromsø, Norway

Known as the capital of the artic, this northern city offers world-beating experiences that can awaken the senses and inspire the mind – ideal for incentive travel. Take a boat ride to see the breathtaking glacial landscapes of Tromsø Fjord, or visit the world’s northernmost botanic garden, Tromsø Botaniske Hage. Or you could ride a cable car to the top of Mount Storsteinen to take in the city’s amazing views. You could also spend a night at Aurora Camp. To see the incredible Northern Lights, visit the impressive Arctic Cathedral, or experience the fun of dog sledding.

Exciting experiences like these are bound to make you feel energised, motivated and inspired. With a new lease of life and the mind set to work even harder, you’ll be sure to achieve great when you’re back in your company or home office.

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