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Newcastle’s Newest Sangria Bar: Tapas Revolution

Newcastle has certainly had a great year with the addition of Greys Quarter amongst other great bars and Restaurants, but not yet has Newcastle ever had a dedicated Sangria bar!

Sangria bar

Last week Tapas Revolution opened it’s doors yet again for the addition of its newest bar. Omar Allibhoy has taken his next step in the development of his Newcastle Branch which he is very proud of.

The restaurant and bar first opening it’s doors in January and has been popular since then with Tapas lovers. The bar was very big however and lacked the intimacy of the authentic restaurants you would find in Spain.

Tapas Revolution

The restaurant has now been divided with the bar section being accessible from the buys Blackett street. It now has the small intimate area of the bar offering a candle lit atmosphere where you can drink, chat and dance all night long. The location couldn’t be better and is a great addition to the Greys Quarter in Eldon Square. Not to mention you can easily follow on to some of the most popular bars around such as The Alchemist and The Botanist.

On the opening night we saw some famous faces along with some regular customers and other bloggers. We were treat to live Salsa music and had a true taste of what they have planned every Friday.

Sangria Tapas Revolution

The bar is planning Salsa dancing every Friday, a great treat for the locals and should take is back to his vision of home back in Madrid where Omar is from.

Tapas Revolution first Sangria bar: The Drinks

The bar itself has been injected this a new drinks menu including some of its most popular drinks from the original dinner meu. Did you know Omar sells more of his homemade lemonade that branded Coca Cola?

The bar will host it’s new Gin an Tonic menu. Not only because it’s took the UK by storm and the trendy drink at the moment, but Spain is the largest consumer of Gin. So it’s safe to say Omar knows a thing or two about Gin.

The best part for me and what makes a real difference to this bar from others is the extensive array of Sangria’s.¬† Omar has created unique combinations of Sangrias you will have never seen before. Sangrias featured include the Tropical Sangria a blend of cava, passion fruit and watermelon and the Skinny Traditional. A blend of red wine, pineapple, orange and strawberry. My favourite was the rose Sangria.


You can read my review on the food here:https://gemmaslittleworld.com/2017/11/30/tapas-revolution-newcastle/







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