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How To Keep Your Home Safe Over Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, are you worried about keeping your home safe?

With the big day fast approaching many of us have often over spent. The most magical time of the year they say. Also, the most common time of the year for break in’s into peoples home . There’s nothing worse then waking up on Christmas day to your presents being took from under the tree or coming back to an empty house.

home safe at Christmas

Are you going away for Christmas? More and more of us are travelling abroad for Christmas especially jetting off to hot sunny places.

(still looking for ideas on where to go: https://gemmaslittleworld.com/2017/12/11/visit-playa-blanca-christmas/)

But..you don’t have to be jetting off somewhere sunny, you could be travelling around the UK and leaving your home for a few days. Worst case scenario, your actually at home.

How to Keep your Home Safe

Panasonic Motion Sensor is the perfect way to keep an eye out on your home through a smart device. It monitors your home then sends a signal to a smart device if there is any movement detected in your home.

Panasonic Sensor to keep your home safe

Not only does it detect unwanted intruders and keep your home safe. But they also have addition features, a good all rounder.

The motion sensors can be used when triggered on the stairs for example to put on the lights. You can also change the sensitivity to ensure your pets are not setting them off every 2 seconds!

Reviewers have said it’s easy to set up and understand and has an easy installation. One customer suggested putting it in your teenagers room to turn off the electronics when they leave the room! Genius way to save money!

The device an be linked with up to 50 different sensors, the smart plugs and indoor sirens. All for £34.99, I think this is a bargain price to keeping your home safe not just for Christmas but all year round.

I’m so excited for Christmas this year, I’m going to have some downtime and spend some quality time with my family.

What are you doing this Christmas?






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