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Struggling With The Cold In The Winter Months? Then Keep Reading

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Even though Christmas might already be over, the Christmassy weather most definitely is not. England may not exactly be known for its heavy snowfall and white mountain peaks, but it can definitely prove to be rather chilly with that cursed cold as ice wind blowing like there’s no tomorrow. Other than that, the high humidity and the famous British rainfall which looms over each town and city like doomsday waiting to happen certainly don’t do you any favours when it comes to staying warm. Anyone who gets colder much more easily than the average person should take this opportunity to prepare themselves for the last few remaining chilly months, so let’s go through a few ways in which you can adapt to the colder climate.

keep warm in winter

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Make some wintery additions to your everyday wardrobe


Possibly the most obvious piece of advice, but often the most effective. Get some proper winter clothes if you find it necessary, or just something slightly warmer than your usual attire if you find yourself sweating ridiculous amounts when you pile on a few layers of t-shirts. Sometimes, rather than just doubling down on socks and wearing three jumpers, it is much more comfortable and practical to get yourself some coats & cardigans to keep yourself toasty instead. If the temperature itself does not bother you much, but the unrelenting hostile winds and rain do, then get yourself a handy windbreaker jacket to help fight off the elements.

It is also worth investing in some hats and scarves, which are not only going to make you warmer, they are going to make you feel much comfier. Some typical “beanies” do a great job at being earmuffs and a head warmer simultaneously, while scarves can be as short or long as you want them to be, making them both a fashionable and useful piece of clothing. If all else fails, not leaving the house is always an option. An option with consequences for sure, but it is still very much an option.winter cold


Image source: Pexels

Things you never knew you needed to keep warm until now


Although sometimes ignorance may be bliss, for both your mind and wallet alike, but sometimes some things are just too good to keep quiet, and should definitely see the light of day. For a mere £17, you can get yourself some of the best and warmest socks your feet have had the pleasure of wearing in this lifetime. Made from a blend of merino wool and synthetic materials, they provide not only extra warmth, but also dry quickly whenever necessary. With their ergonomic design and protective toe cushioning, they are truly a blessing for cold feet across the globe.

Since we are already on the topic of cold limbs, do you suffer from cold-hand syndrome? Do gloves just not cut it for you? Do you find yourself breathing heavily onto your fingers for a good 10 minutes? Just so that you can type on your smartphone or computer keyboard again? If so, then a hand heater or a hand warmer may be just the thing you need to fully feel your hands again. They are relatively common, made by several different companies, such as EnergyFlux, HotRox and even Zippo. With that many competitors on the hand warming market, you are not exactly short on choice.  Leaving you with the option to go for whichever design you like most.



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